- Writers' Voices - 20080118 - Susan Wilson

Susan WilsonAuthor and executive coach Susan Wilson joins Monica and Caroline on Writers' Voices Friday Jan 18 at 1 pm and Monday Jan 21 at 8 am. Susan is CEO of Executive Strategies (www.execstrategies.com), working with high-performance companies and individuals. She is the author of "Gourmet Meetings on a Microwave Schedule," "Transformational Leadership," "Magnetic Leadership" and more. She also contributed to "Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul" and "Intimate Moments with God." Susan uses her flair for storytelling to enhance her coaching work.

Plus, her coauthor on some of the books is Caroline's daughter-in-law, Deanne Herr.

Join us this week on Writers' Voices for another informative and entertaining interview.