- Writers' Voices - 20071214 - Muriel Nellis

Literary and Creatie Artists

Founded by Muriel Nellis in 1981, Literary and Creative Artists is now one of the largest, most active literary agencies in the Washington DC area. With solid business relationships with all the major trade houses and their imprints, LCA currently represents over eighty writers. Their client list ranges from first-time authors to best-selling nonfiction and award-winning literary fiction writers. LCA specializes in creative extension of their authors' subjects --whether fiction or non-fiction,-- into any other appropriate cross-media opportunity to impress them onto the 'public mind'. Their projects range from the 25 books of Deepak Chopra and their many derivative product expressions, to the genius of Michael Gelb's "How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci," to film director David Lynch's delightful treatise "Catching the Big Fish."

Join Monica and Caroline on Writers' Voices Friday December 14 at 1 pm as they learn the secrets of a successful literary agent from Muriel Nellis (www,lcadc.com). Rebroadcast Monday Dec 17 at 8 am.