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In Nov 2005 I quit my job as Wireless System Architect at UTStarcom, and decided to go to Myanmar and north-east India to understand what the real point of technology was - if it could actually make a difference in areas with little to no first-world technology. The trip was very eye-opening and got me thinking.
In May of 2006 I went to a conference on Open Access, hosted by First Monday. There I met some of the people I interview on my show Open Views. And they made me think some more.
In August 2006 James Moore asked me to do a show on KRUU, and when I walked into the shell that would ultimately become the radio station, and saw that every machine was either Ubuntu or FreeBSD, I knew it was time to put the thinking into action :-)
So here I am. Gung-ho on the KRUU crew, and loving every moment of it!
If you want to learn more about me, check out these links:
My other blog is Church of Chai
My other interest is Babas Croquet. You can see pictures of that craziness
And I'm also a photographer-wannabe

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