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I like a very wide range of dance music and have been DJ'ing for a while, playing private and public parties with a wide range of dance from current house, trance, techno, hip-hop, mashups and r&b. Check out the music at . These typically include both hits and tracks you probably haven't heard that have sick beats. I also play tracks from the 80's and further retro to 70's/60's/50's dance hits but most tracks are from the last 10 years.

All songs are mixed live using Traktor DJ software and a Vestax VC-100 midi controller.

I've done a number of specialty mixes for themed parties and events-Valentine's day lovers mix, Christmas,Oktoberfest,italian mix, beach mix, Halloween, etc. I like doing those because its a challenge finding good dance music that fits the theme and mixes well. Typically I listen to 10 or more dance tunes for every one I select to play.

Send me email to if you'd like to hear something in particular.


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