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Caroline & MonicaWriters' Voices with Monica and Caroline is for and about writers, readers and anyone interested in self-expression, which is just about everyone. Hosts Monica Hadley and her mother, Caroline (Herr) Kilbourn explore a range of subjects related to writing, books and the use of language as they share their keen interest in the writing process with their listeners. Guests include published authors, writing teachers, beginning writers, book publishers and marketers, editors, critics and people who appreciate good writing.

Monica Herr Hadley spent most of her childhood in Lancaster, Pennsylvania before moving to Iowa. She is a co-founder of Fairfield Accounting Services, Inc. and Aeron Lifestyle Technology, Inc., both of Fairfield. Monica is an award-winning public speaker and songwriter, and has published interviews with well-known musicians such as Richie Havens and Roger McGuinn (of the Byrds). She is an avid reader, a sometime writer, and a gardener. Her two grown children live in Austin, Texas.

Caroline Kilbourn lives in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. In the 1970's, as Caroline Herr, she hosted Fairfield's popular daily talk show, "Coffee With Caroline." From 1973 to 1979, Caroline interviewed any and every celebrity who came through Fairfield, from Doug Henning to Ned Beatty, as well as many local folks. More recently, she hosts a weekly show on KAYP 89.9 FM in Burlington, "Conversations with Caroline." In between, she raised five children, taught hundreds of students piano and folk guitar, and taught English in the Fairfield public school system. Caroline is also a performing musician, accompanying herself and other vocalists on guitar and piano, and has 11 grandchildren.

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