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Called a 'cultural entrepreneur' by EcoVillage's Lonnie Gamble and 'a firm member of a why not generation of dreamers' by Des Moines Register features' writer Mike Kilen, station manager James Moore is a radio passionista.

He was music editor of the Iowa Source for eight years, is an accomplished musician, a published poet, and former co-host of the Film for Thought Series, tennis teaching pro, video editor, meditation teacher and music instructor.

He was accepted at the University of Minnesota in communications when he decided to pursue a degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence at MERU in Switzerland, spending the next decade working for an international non-profit organization promoting world peace. He has an MBA from MUM (formerly MIU).

In the fall of 2009, James joined adjunct faculty at MUM in the Media & Communications department to teach Radio & Internet Broadcasting.

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