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Eden's Hour is a weekly show that I started doing because the ever persistent and energetic James Moore kept harassing me until I said yes! Thanks James.

I broadcast from Seattle with my trusty sidekick Bill Wolford in his studio, Vivid Sound, and I do shows from Fairfield when I am in town which is semi regularly. Bill also takes over the show when I am traveling for work or on hot summer days when I decide that going for a swim sounds better than being in the studio ...which rarely happens ...I swear.

Bill and I have a lot of fun in the studio and I love sifting through the (very eclectic) music submissions that I get from working with the David Lynch Foundation. Currently I am coordinating benefit concerts for the David Lynch Foundation and looking forward to a fine marriage of all the various musical facets of my life and sharing them with KRUU listeners!

I also have a blog with pics and interviews from the shows that I do for KRUU FM:

In both my blog here on and at blogspot you can see many wonderful photos by the very talented Tara Gorman who was so generous to let me use some of her stunningly crafty images.


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