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Physically aggressive and passionate. Those are the words that I feel best describe me. I love being involved with physical activities such as mma, wrestling, kickboxing, Brasilian Jiujitsu, Boxing, Ice Hockey, football and things of that nature.I don't think of myself as a jock but just as a person with a lot of physical aggression that I need to take care of. On top of that I like everything in my life rough and aggressive,especially the music I play. I have been listenning to metal ever since I was ten years old when a girl I knew had me listen to Ozzy Osbournes "Diary Of A Madman".I immediately fell in love with the sound and started listenning to more bands like Maiden,Metallica,Slayer, Motorhead and anything else that was heavy at the time. I also developed a love for punk rock because of the general attitude it conveyed. My father was a guitar player and my mother played piano so my tastes range from Death Metal to classical music. I tend to really like the bands that can blend both of those sounds together such as Iron Maiden and Cradle Of Filth. I also hate the bands that put out music for the sake of writing singles for the sake of radio play so you won't be hearing bands such as newer Metallica, Nickelback or any hairbands on my show. I just try to find things that have an intensity to push me through my busy day and if I can help others along the way than I am happy to help.

Outside of the radio station I also spend my time lifting weights,wrestling, kickboxing,doing submission grappling, fighting for money,watching horror movies and trying to find other things to keep my adrenaline going,such as defying the local authorities in any way possible. I've been known to go too far in some cases because when I find something that interests me I tend to dive in headfirst and take it to the farthest extremes. Why make something a part of your life if your not going to be passionate about it?

Until then I'll be at KRUU every tuesday night at 11pm and every Saturday at 7am to play the best metal I can come across and relay to those that want to hear it.
Rock on, Clayton Miller

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