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my kids see all good music as existing NOW. i agree with them. it's all current. it's all sitting on the shelf in front of us, ready to be cued to match the mood or the need of the day.

i've played in played in band, made music and recordings, for 50 years. i was probably living out my teenage dream of becoming a rock star. but now i'm finally fulfilling an even older dream, a dream i first had when i was 9: spinning tunes and creating vibes on the radio, sharing my carefully designed and new musical arc every week.

my show isn't about nostalgia (call me out if my show ever gets that way). it's relationships with music in the now.

consider this show the living history book you always wanted. the one about things that were and are important to you. the music by which we measure our lives.

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a deep look into music of all kinds, from all eras, through all ears. on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Sunday 8-9am and Thursday 8-9pm.