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Why do I use the name "Mr. T"
Well, some of my friends call me Mr. T. My last name starts with a T - and my dear wife Ann and I are the happy owners of a Ford Model T Touring automobile from 1917.

Growing up in Norway -- as a nation we did not have the same racial issues that existed in the U.S. This created a bit of an oasis for American blues and jazz musicians, who were welcomed and treated not based on the color of their skin but on the basis of their skills as musicians. As a consequence blues and jazz became more mainstream fairly early.
My uncle gave me a transistor radio, when these had just come on the market. My brother and I would put the small radio under the pillow and listen to blues and jazz, when our parents thought we were sound asleep. I didn't know any English at the time - so the words were meaningless to me - but the music was magical.
I feel very privileged to have ended up in the U.S. which gave this great musical treasure to the world.
Living in Fairfield, Iowa we can get in the car and in a few hours reach several of the cities in the country that have played a central role in the history of the blues and where the blues is still very much alive.
I hope to be able to share my love for the blues with you, via my program the Blues Oasis, every Thursday between 9-10 PM (21-22) CST, and re-broadcast Saturdays between 4-5AM (04-05) CST.

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