Ultra Lounge

Bachelor Pad Music; Space Age Pop; Crime Jazz
  • Wednesday 2-3pm
  • Friday 4-5am

Rich in a Waterfall WELCOME to the Ultra Lounge where we spend a care-free, worry-free hour listening to Bachelor Pad Music, Space Age Pop, Crime Jazz, music from Low Budget Exploitation B Flicks, old & modern Surf Rock Instrumental and yes, even Porn Music or should I say Adult Cinema come together creating the ultimate soundtrack for High Living. Covering the stereo high-fidelity period of the 1950's & 60's to the present where arranging was & is the name of the game. In the early days of Stereo Hi-Fi conductors, bandleaders and musicians "showed off their studio smarts assuming the role of magicians" and took full advantage of the stereo capabilities of home audio equipment.

Weekly shows may include Ultra Lounge Giants such as Esquivel, Enoch Light, Four Piece Suit, Les Baxter, Nelson Riddle, The Moon Rays, Julie London, The Fathoms and whether the music rocks or swings "if you close your eyes and relax while listening to Ultra Lounge, the High Life is just a dream away."

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Ultra Lounge show

Love the Lounge Rich -- Your show has made me dig into some of my old lps and try to "mine my mind" for some of the bands that used be be played on "Hobbs House" late night clear channel on WCCO Minneapolis in the 50's and 60's.

DJ Richsims has been

DJ Richsims has been absolutely astonishing in his performances in the ultra-lounge. He certainly was the reason for keeping the rhythm going. Another thing that I felt when I went there was that there was a totally calm and worry free time there and I think just as they said, they really made it happen. Anyway, I was not expecting to hear any kind of Porn music or Adult cinema added up into the mix!

Glad to hear from you

Thanks for your comment. Sorry I'm so late in replying. And thanks for listening I so appreciate it. Lots more great Ultra Lounge music is on it's way.