Mrs. Lincoln

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Please tune in to Writers’ Voices this Friday, April 24, at 1pm for this illuminating interview with Catherine Clinton.

Abraham Lincoln is the most revered president in American history, but the woman at the center of his life, his wife, Mary, has remained a historical enigma. In this definitive, magisterial biography, Catherine Clinton draws on important new research to illuminate the remarkable life of Mary Lincoln, and at a time when the nation was being tested as never before. Authoritative and utterly engrossing, Mrs. Lincoln is the long-awaited portrait of the woman who so richly contributed to Lincoln's life and legacy.

Catherine Clinton is the author of Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom, which was named as one of the best nonfiction books of 2004 by the Christian Science Monitor and the Chicago Tribune, as well as Fanny Kemble's Civil Wars. Educated at Harvard, Sussex, and Princeton, she is a member of the advisory committee to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Bicentennial Commission, and holds a chair in U.S. history at Queen's University Belfast.

Rebroadcast Monday April 27 at 8am CST.

Chicken Soup CoverBook publishers call George Foster “the besIssat book cover designer in the country,” “a master at designing book covers that sell,” “a creative person’s dream to work with,” and even “a lucky charm.” He has designed the cover for more than a thousand books for publishers large and small including Simon & Schuster, Harcourt Brace, Pearson Education, St. Martin’s Press, and early books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Mr. Foster wrote the chapter on book cover design for the perennial bestseller “1001 Ways to Market Your Books” and will be featured in a new book to be published in August 2009, “The Writer’s Essential Toolbox”.

Please join Monica and Caroline this Friday on Writers' Voices at 1pm on KRUU to help us welcome local artist George Foster.

Thomas Gates Thomas Gates is a contributing author of “Thank God I, Book 2”. Book 1 was a best seller.  He is also the author of “Nobody Gets out of Here Dead!”, coming out in August. Many years ago, when Thomas was 22, he had an extensive near death experience. As a result, he now inspires and empowers audiences with his presentations, workshops, training programs and consultations as he shares the unique healing gifts and insights that came from his remarkable near death journey.

In his workshops he gives simple, yet powerful techniques to enjoy greater physical, emotional, and spiritual well being and teaches a self treatment healing method.

Please join us for what promises to be a rewarding conversation with Thomas Gates on Writers' Voices, this Friday, April 10 at 1pm.


Paul Lima


Our guest this week on Writers' Voices is Toronto-based business writer and business writing trainer Paul Lima. Paul has written several books on writing, including "The Six-Figure Freelancer; How to Find, Price, and Manage Corporate Writing Assignments", "The Business of Freelance Writing; How to Develop Article Ideas and Sell them to Newspapers and Magazines", and "How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days."

Paul also offers seminars and workshops on search engine optimization, presentations and speeches, media interviews, copywriting, media release writing, and effective emailing.

Please join Monica Hadley and her cohost/mom Caroline this Friday at 1pm to hear from this experienced writer.


Zippy and TippyTwo of our own Fairfield authors, Anthony Starr Roma Galat 1pm and and Roma Gal at 1:30pm, will be our guests this Friday on Writers Voices. Tune in to hear about how self-publishing can open doors for writers, from children’s books to steamy romance novels.

Anthony Starr created Zippy and Tippy’s New Family, a beautifully photographed children’s book in which two Midland Painted Box Turtles, who have been longtime friends, discuss and decide to become mates and create a family of their own. This book describes what they must go through to become proud parents while including some of the other animals who share their home, with an emphasis on what humans can do to positively impact their home and nature in general.

Anthony will be doing a reading at Revelations on Saturday,March 28 at 3pm.

Jill Bolte TaylorTune in to Writers' Voices for the rebroadcast of our illuminating interview with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, author of My Stroke of Insight. Dr. Taylor, a brain scientist, had a stroke and recovered to tell the story of how her consciousness shifted during the experience. One of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of 2008, and featured on Oprah, Dr. Taylor feels that greater peace is possible by choosing to cultivate our right-brained consciousness, and that this is a message worth spreading.

Dr. Taylor first became interested in the functions of the mind when she was a child, growing up with a brother with schizophrenia. She has devoted her career to the study of severe mental illnesses as a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist.


The Sharp Knife of Forced Simplicity; the Numinous Rebellion is the intriging title that we will discuss this week on Writers' Voices. Sharp Knife
What does it mean to truly be an American? How much freedom does a person have in the world? What is "forced simplicity" and why is it a sharp knife? When do problems really start to become a problem? What is real power and how can we use it in life? Is idealism the dream of the immature, or a path to fulfillment? What does "numinous" mean anyway?
These are some of the questions that local author and philosopher Ron Khare tackles in surpsising ways in this collection of essays.
"The writing is clean and clear, and the insights are informed with the passion and excitement of original discovery." -- Angela Mailander, Ph.D.

Ice Cube PressSharing, creating and learning since 1993, Ice Cube Press
books have specialized in Midwestern stories about the world in which we live. Sometimes this means examining the wild and the natural, sometimes we must pay attention to the social, the human, even the reptilian.

Who and what have helped us evolve in our place? ICP books tread deeply into new ideas such as living with topsoil, exploring tornadoes, blizzards, sometimes digging down to Devonian fossil beds. At other times ICP books explore humor, or landscape art. Whether it’s weather patterns, food, or prairies.

Ice Cube Press has earned a number of awards, including A Kansas Book Award, A Midwest Connections Pick and the Radish Magazine Award. ICP has worked closely with groups such as Humanities Iowa and the Iowa Arts Council.

Writers' Voices welcomes Ice Cube Press publisher Steve Semken to Writers' Voices, this Friday, March 6 at 1pm.

Fran Capo


Besides being a motivational speaker, adventurer, actress, comedian, mother, and Guinness Book of World Records holder for fastest talking female, Fran Capo is also the author of 10 books and working on her 11th.

Please join us on Writers Voices as we talk with Fran about three of her books, Adrenalin Adventures about fun and unusual things to do, Almost a Wise Guy, a novel about her father's escapades between the Mob and law enforcement, and Hopeville; City of Light, a children's book that emerged from an angelic encounter.

Fran Capo has been on over 250 television shows, including Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, Good Morning America, Nick at Night, Discovery Channel, and the Martha Stewart Show.


Elaine Aron

In her national bestseller, The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You, author Elaine Aron, Ph.D. defines a distinct personality trait that affects as many as one out of every five people. According to Dr. Aron's definition, the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) has a sensitive nervous system, is aware of subtleties in his/her surroundings, and is more easily overwhelmed when in a highly stimulating environment.
The HSP personality trait has been accepted into mainstream psychology. Dr. Aron's findings have been published in Counseling Today, Counseling and Human Development, and the prestigious Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.