The New Golden AgeWriters' Voices Explores Economic Crisis as we speak with world-renowned economist Dr. Ravi Batra. In his new book, "The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Policial Corruption and Economic Chaos", he argues that nations pass through three eras with the military, intellectuals and priests, and the wealthy, alternately dominating society. He concludes that the age of money is about to end in America and Europe. History reveals that the age of the wealthy always ends in a social revolution followed by a golden age of peace, prosperity, and ethical values.

Local attorney Paul Gandy, whose practice specializes in issues related to consumer debt, will guest cohost with Monica Hadley. Tune in to KRUU 100.1 FM this Friday, November 14, at 1pm for this illuminating interview.


Butcher's Wife

How did a lapsed Catholic who once considered becoming a monk, end up writing a novel steeped in Jewish history?

Tune in to KRUU-FM on Friday November 7th at 1pm to find out!

Peter Manseau
spent several years working at the National Yiddish Book Center in Massachusetts.

He is also known as a spiritual philosopher, memoirist, founder of the webzine "KillingTheBuddha.com", and is editor of "Search, The Magazine of Science, Religion, and Culture". His fiction debut Songs for the Butcher's Daughter has just been shortlisted for the 2008 John Sargent Sr. First Novel Prize.

"Rooted in the sharp, bittersweet Yiddish tradition, remeniscent of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Manseau's thrilling tale of secrets and revelations captures the diversity among Jews, then and now, in Shtetl, city, and kibbutz, and the elemental meaning of bashert, or destiny."
-- Booklist, Starred Review

The Inner Game of Russian RouletteThe Inner game of Russian Roulette, a unique and engaging book, explores many intriguing questions about the unfolding of enlightened consciousness. How does expanding awareness affect identity? Might there be some common ground between the Eastern spiritual goal of samadhi (enlightenment), and the Christian goal of salvation? Do Eastern spiritual teachers and Western psychologists mean the same thing by the word "ego"? Why is it that so many Eastern masters emphasize the need to transcend or dissolve the boundaries of ego, while most Western psychologists consider "ego dissolution" to be virtually synonymous with insanity? How might such divergent perspectives be reconciled?

The Blackened Canteen2

Our guest on Writers' Voices this week will be Jerry Yellin, author of "Of War and Weddings" and "The Blackened Canteen", and co-founder of LISCO. Mr. Yellin was an honored fighter pilot in the 1940s. In "The Blackened Canteen", he tells the story of how the compassion of one Japanese man toward fallen American soldiers, lead to a traditional day of prayer for peace.

Of this story, Yoko Ono says, "Having campaigned for peace for many years, this beautiful story strikes a deep chord with me. I hope it will become more widely known around the world and inspire other people too."

Beside a Burning Sea2 "Shores weaves psychological intrigue by looking at his characters' competing desires: love, revenge, and meaning. Both lyrical and deeply imaginative, BESIDE A BURNING SEA confirms again that Shors is an immense talent." -- Amy Tan, author

Highly recommended novelist John Shors is determined to make a unique connection with readers. An avid supporter or reading groups, he included a letter at the conclusion of his debut novel, Beneath a Marble Sky, inviting reading groups to email him and schedule an interview. The response was overwhelming. To date, John has spoken to more than 1,300 book clubs. This extraordinary commitment garnered him a feature on the CBS "Evening News" and an article in Newsweek. He looks forward to reaching out to reading groups again this fall to discuss BESIDE A BURNING SEA.

Please join us for Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline, this Friday, October 10th, at 1pm, to hear from this engaging novelist.

Robert McDowell



Tune in to KRUU 100.1 FM this Monday at 8am to hear Robert McDowell on Writers' Voices. We'll be discussing his book, Poetry as Spiritual Practice.

At once an engaging technical primer on the mechanics and terminology of poetry, a profound meditation on the relationship between poetry and the Divine, and an inspirational guide for integrating poetry into daily spiritual practice, Poetry as Spiritual Practice will become a cherished companion, inviting you to recognize poetry as "the pure sound and shape of your spirit."



Click here for Mary Swander's website

Award-winning author Mary Swander
talks with us about her memoir, "Out of this world: A Journey of Healing" this Friday on Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline.

In addition to her two memoirs, three books of poetry, and other creative works, Ms. Swander has published individual poems, essays, short stories and articles in such places as The Nation, National Gardening Magazine, The New Republic, The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and Poetry magazine.

Our guest this week on Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline is Iowa City physiPatient Listeningcian Loreen Herwaldt, who uses the illness narratives of two dozen writer-patients to teach listening skills to medical students, residents, physicians, and other health care providers.

Herwaldt skillfully pares each narrative down to its most basic elements, rendering them into powerful found poems that she has used successfully in her role as a teacher and in her own practice. Drawing from narratives by writers who are both emerging and well known, each poem reveals the experience of illness and treatment from the patient's perspective.

Join us on Writers' Voices Friday at 1 pm or Monday 8 am for insights on the use of poetry in the practice of medicine from Dr. Loreen Herwaldt, author of "Patient Listening: A Doctor's Guide."

Diane Glass

Deb Landwehr

Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline welcomes Iowans Diane Glass and Deb Engle, coauthors of "Tending Your Inner Garden: A notebook of personal transformation and renewal."


Tune in to hear about this program of spirituality and creativity just for women, based on the cycles of Nature as a model of change. "Tending Your Inner Garden" encourages women to use journaling, art and meditation to get in touch with their inner desires and find fulfillment.

Old Friend From Far Away


Tune into KRUU 100.1 FM this Friday at 1 pm to hear Natalie Goldberg live on Writers’ Voices. Ms. Goldberg is the author of “Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within” (1986), which sold over one million copies and was translated into fourteen languages.

University of Iowa writing teacher Cheryl Fusco Johnson will join co-host Caroline Kilbourn to delve into Ms. Goldberg’s latest book, “Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir.” Cheryl says “If this book doesn’t get you writing, nothing will.”

The interview will be rebroadcast Monday at 8 am.