Wallace Farms

American Meat DVD coverGREAT TASTE's 60 minutes of delicious radio is action-packed this week.  In the first half-hour, Graham Meriwether, producer, cinematographer, and director of the documentary, American Meat, joins us in the studio along with Jan Swinton, Local Food Coordinator for Hometown Harvest of SE Iowa.  We'll discuss the positive changes in our animal husbandry system as seen through the farmer's depicted in the movie, and the evolving local landscape. 

Also, Nick Wallace of Wallace Farms, will join us by phone.  Nick and his family have been raising animals sustainably for decades.  Since 2004 he has run the operation, which includes working with other like-minded producers to supply organic meats through a "Farm Club" delivery system.

Nick Wallace/Wallace Farms

Molly AronicaThe Daily Meal's Molly Aronica joins us in the second part of the show.  This week on that site she posted 101 Best Restaurants in America for 2012.  We'll get an inside look on how that list was compiled, plus learn what it takes to put together a daily blog on "all things food & drink."

And, our resident chef, Liz Peralta, will join us.  I really don't know what plans she has for our "live" food segment this week.  She's keeping that information to herself.  I'm ok with that; she's the studio kitchen boss. [To continue, click on "Read more' below.]


Wallace Farms

Kathy and Steve are going to turn out their own strange twist on Risotto/Paella cooked in the studio during the show, and you are invited to taste the results. Listen and then come by the KRUU studios for a bite when you hear the dinner bell ring. Don't forget to bring a tiny plate or bowl plus your own utensils. We're only supplying the food!

Also, special guest, Nick Wallace of Wallace Farms fills us in on what it takes to run an organic cattle operation in Iowa.

It's Great Taste tonight from 7-8 pm and you are the special guests!