I'm always proud of Fairfield. I like how it operates. I like how it's a melting pot of all kinds of folks. I just plain like the way it smells.

Now I am really proud of the city for coming together to produce and erect a lasting memorial to Lee Gobble, a man who did more for our town than we'll ever know.

I interviewed him for the Troy Banner when I was in high school in the seventies. And we bought my graduation suit from his store(along with all my blue jeans).

Thanks, Fairfield. You done good. 

One of the great anchors in my entire life (aside from my mother and my wife) has been my friend and fellow Fairfielder Richard Hadley. We met as very young men who bonded over Star Trek, comic books and Monty Python.

And we have remained friends throughout the decades (we stood up in each other's weddings). And now he's been a guest on The Feed Store.

And a darn fine guest at that. Stories about the Bargain Box. Stories about Turk Balderson. He was a real pip. Richard, my sincerest thanks for the friendship. 


It's amazing how the memories and stories of the Fairfield of my youth keep returning to me.

I surprised myself in a forthcoming episode of "The Feed Store" when I remembered a little thing we called the activity bus.

It was a way for kids to participate in after school activities and still get a ride home on a school bus. I hadn't thought about in years.

And now it's a part of broadcast history.

Hear that story and many more on "The Feed Store" on thursdays at 10AM and sundays at noon on KRUU.

I will be spending some time very soon in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. That's where my best pal Richard lives, breathes, thrives and survives. Richard grew up in Jefferson County at the same time that I did. Any time I hang with Richard, I get more stories that I have forgotten about our time in Fairfield in the 1970s. That means more fodder for The Feed Store. Be listening to future episodes for the stories that we whomp up. Thursdays at 10am central time and sundays at noon central time. It's worth the effort. 


The Big C Jamboree (America's longest running monthly rockabilly jam session) has come to a close after 25 years. I was proud to be its emcee and number one cheerleader.

And now it's on to other things indeed. I'm making another speedy trip to Fairfield. I'll be in town very briefly saturday May 20 for a family gathering. I'm sure you'll be able to spot me running frantically into the Bargain Box, Goodwill and Orscheln's.

If anyone wants to say hey in person, drop an email to thefeedstore@kruufm.com. I'd be happy to see you. 

This week on the Feed Store (Thursday, March 20 at 10am and Sunday March 23 at noon CT), I will be recounting in great detail the life and times of one of the greatest men I ever knew during my youth in Fairfield.

I am speaking of the late and lamented Dick Conklin, the demon barber of Richland. Dick took over the barbershop in Richland in 1948 and held down the fort for more than forty years.

He was a real firecracker, a great storyteller and a good haircutter. I pay tribute to the man as only I can.

I will always remember a night in the 1970s, sitting at a small table in the Fairfield VFW hall watching my friend Bruce play drums for an old man country and western band. Of course my pals and I thought it was hilarious that a cool guy like Bruce would stoop to playing such square music as "The Key's In the Mailbox" and "Heartaches by the Number." Flash forward to present day Chicago. I've been playing traditional country music as part of the Gin Palace Jesters for more than twelve years. We've taken our brand of American music to Texas, California, Canada, Germany and Finland. And even when it's very late and we're unloading our equipment after a long drive home, I take great pride in what we do. We entertain. 

We've got another great show today, dear listeners. Definitely tune in for the regular 4pm segment of "Inside the Headlines." It's a doozy from start to finish today. From sequesters, to healthscare--you want to be a millionaire? Start a "healthcare" facility, baby--and a section on the end being near-ish. Newvandal JP Sottile is an extraordinary journalist.

2:05pm Ames KHOI co-station manager Deborah Bunka talks about the great strides KHOI is making as a community station.

2:30pm I speak with MUM student leaders Jason Aviles & Samira Abdelrahman talk about what it's meant to them to connect with civil rights educator Patti Miller and be a part of tonight's "Let Freedom Ring" concert at the Sondheim.

3pm Laura Cohen discusses the hurdles her son Cody is facing, as well as the proactive steps they're taking as a family to deal with his rare and unusual diagnosis of MDS. A 'Be the Match' bone marrow registry drive takes place in Fairfield Saturday & Monday for folks 18 to 44 years of age.

3:30pm it's John Loin & Scott Timm talking about the new Habitat for Humanity project just getting unferway, the 10th house built in Fairfield!!

MEETING WED FEB 13 Public Library 7:30pm

Solar-powered KRUU-FM is honored to be spearheading the first annual Fairfield Culture Fest this summer June 21-23rd. To learn about its genesis and especially for those interested in helping make it an unforgettable event, station manager James Moore warmly invites you to an open town hall meeting at the Fairfield Public Library at 7:30pm.

The agenda? A brief history and vision followed by a brief brainstorming session followed by a gathering of those interested in coordinating key areas. Just like KRUU, and Fairfield itself, it will take a community to create and showcase this keynote event.

FAIRFIELD CULTURE FEST 2013: Organizer Invite

Ever wish Fairfield had its own multi-day, multi-stage annual festival like other cities in Iowa?

Certified Master Life Coach Jill Lingwall Farmer's mission in life is teaching fun, open-minded men and women how to overcome their belief that there's not enough time to get everything done.

In this premiere episode of KRUU's new show "The Studio," Jill shares client-tested strategies for streamlining to-do lists so that they reflect our deepest motivations in life and ensure satisfaction and success.

A former TV anchor and consumer issues reporter, Jill's a summa cum laude graduate of Drake University's School of Journalism. She's received Emmy Awards and other accolades for excellence in reporting. Her book, "There's Not Enough Time...And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves" was published in 2012. Don't miss this life-changing hour!