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feel good

latest and greatest


this feeling can't me missed.

get some of my favoritie new tunes

This week it all turns out to be very similar in genre.

I'll let you decide what type that actually is.





Goodness I have some GRRRRRREAT music for you and your friends!

It's time for the newest addition to ECLECTIC AUDIOPHILE. 

Here's a song from this weekend's show... 


Love to you all!

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    Nov 17
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It feels good to be back! 

I did a two month stay in the mountains of Northern California. It was so beautiful!

I forgot how good a bed with a thick comforter feels on a cold day!

Here is my newest show ready for the listen! 

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It was too hot this week to spend too much time working on a show, so I put together a bunch of long-ish songs that you can sip some ice tea to... so to speak. The show starts off with 'No Easy Way Down' by The Rain Parade, from their Exposions in the Glass Palace release on Enigma. One of those songs that has interesting cello, viola, and violin worked in seamlessly with the guitar. Then it is off to 'Pathway to Glory' by Loggins & Messina. Oh! More violin, just realized that.

Other highlights include Poco, Mad River, and Shawn Phillips from his Second Contribution release. I even have time for some Yo La Tengo and The Beatles. And please be aware that I have a live show next week, complete with an interview with the President of Green Monkey Records. Looking ahead to that in a fond way. Enjoy your days... The G Man

arrowHmmm, well, this arrow APPEARS to be pointing in the right direction. Spotlight on a list of tunes from Diana this week, including some excellent work by Portuguese artists. She is studying hard in Brazil right now, despite the facebook pictures to the contrary....bless her little heart. ANY way, After putting this show together under her direction, I was completely satisfied with the results the first time through, which is not usually how it works for me. I usually tweak my shows repeatedly, trying to get a nice blend of songs. She did the heavy lifting for me this week, and you will certainly enjoy the results. We even have a song for the Power Wagon folks who have rolled into town. Can you hear the radio when you are in a truck 4 feet deep in a mud hole and laughing hysterically? Feel free to stop by the studio and enlighten me about that, Mr. or Ms. Dodge.

The G Man

G ManWhen in the course of acting on behalf of the rest of the members of the planetary family, you find yourself pausing, and reflecting on the nature of all things circular, a certain feeling may result. Deja vu I think is what they call it. The feeling that the path you find yourself walking has somehow been visited before, like a race car on an oval track. This can lead to fantastic revelations about your purpose here on the planet. Or, a small smile, and a slight quickening of your step as you gather in and release the energy that some small connection with some other part of the Universe can infuse. Which reminds me of the music that I have for the show this week. I am infusing some new music, brand new music, with some old time favorites of mine, and the mix itself has a real energy and a realized goal to it. Music can be timeless. I think the two hours you listen this week will absolutely fly by. The playlist speaks for itself this week. Enjoy..... The G Man

centripetal forceThursday's Centripetal Sounds broadcast is the show that I originally recorded for airing on July 2nd. Due to technical difficulties, that show was replaced by another blues show in my current series.

So you will hear what the playlist shows for July 2nd. You will read a playlist that matches up with the show that played July 2nd. If you have not gone back and re-read those sentences, you are now confused. That's OK, because all you have to do is listen to my show Thursday, and you will be transported in the right direction, that is, towards the center of all things...

merrily we roll along.... The G Man

I am playing Country Music, and I am playing songs that have not made radio airplay before, and you are going to like them! Tune In! I mean it! This is not your idea of Country Music!