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Jackie Laulainen featured on Speaking Freely w/ Dennis Raimondi



Ms. Jackie Laulainen is a travel blogger at  

She is also author of The Aspiring Travel's Handbook: A Preparation Guide to International Travel.

Jackie has been to over 35 countries in the last ten years.

Ms. Laulainen resides in Bozeman, Montana.

Interview with Susan Rubis, who visited Colombia a few weeks ago. We talk about travel, food, people, things to do, etc.

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Along The Mississippi River with Dean Klinkenberg

The Driftless AreaThe Mississippi River is one of this country's most iconic features. It has played an important role in our nation's history, business, and culture. Listen into this week's Writers' Voices as Cheryl Fusco-Johnson talks with travel writer, Dean Klinkenberg. Dean has travelled 75,000 miles since 1997 along the Mississippi, researching the history and culture, talking to locals, to learn more about river towns and the people who inhabit them. 

Dean's most recent book, "The Driftless Area: Along The Mississippi From Hastings, Minnesota to Lansing, Iowa", is the third installment in Dean's Mississippi Valley Traveler guides. These pocket-sized guides give the low-down on each river community, including the history, the culture, and tips on where to eat, where to sleep, and what to see.

Dean Klinkenberg will be giving a talk Friday, December 3, 6pm at Revelations Café and Bookstore.

 Mighty Mississippi

DAIN DALLER's fifth installment of gypsy kerouac NO-FI FIELD GUIDE is in the house from the shores of the Big Muddy. 

L   i   s   t   e   N    2    A   r   T

[Rebroadcast at 1am Saturday May 26]

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11am-1pm Saturday it's JOSH YOUNG

deejay to the lawdy miss clawdy gawds


Aural Yoga for the emotionally replete 

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