Jim Mowrer
James Moore of Tanner & Moore talks about
veterans' issues, Iraq and other thoughts on the political landscape with Iowa National Guardsman Jim Mowrer.
Jim Mowrer is the State Coordinator of Iowa Veterans for Joe Biden.
He is an Iraq war veteran who spent 16 months on the ground and an Intelligence analyst in the Iowa National Guard.

This Thursday, Get to Know local carpenter, boat builder, children story author Victor Orne.

Host Ken Malloy visits with Mr. Orne about building the better mousetrap, as well as his life before moving to Fairfield Iowa, 19 years ago. Another enjoyable program you won't want to miss.

That's Tuesday Sept 11th at 8am on your community radio station.
Set your dial, and stay awhile.
Former Congressman David Bonior of Michigan
Dr. Darren Petersen is a recent recipient of a Fullbright Fellowship. The Fellowship allowed him to teach in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. He is the former Program Director for the South Bronx Educational Foundation.
Former U.S. Congressman David Bonior of Michigan. Congressman Bonior was a Congressman from January 1977 to January 2003. During that time, he served as both majority and minority whip. Congressman Bonoir is currently serving as Senator John Edwards National Campaign Manager.


Dennis Raimondi interviews Vincent Bove and

Congressman Dennis Kucinich on Speaking Freely.

Democratic Presidential Hopeful Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio

[Rebroadcast Thursday morning at 8am]

Organic farmer & Fairfield resident Steve Hickenbottom


Tune in Tuesday August 28 at 8:00am

and Get to Know lifetime Fairfield resident Steve Hickenbottom.

Host Ken Malloy discusses with Mr. Hickenbottom the joy and challenges of life as an organic farmer and raising a family in a Christian way.

A interesting man with a calm resolve you can hear over the radio.


Set your dial and stay awhile.


Turn over a new leaf with Off the SubjectTake it or ribbit...


Take it or leaf it--




Therese Cummiskey & Diana Flynn

Tuesday June 12

7am CST



This week on ICON Art Radio Bill and Allen interview Dave Butler, organizer of the Dodge Power Wagon Rally, and George Farrier, Wendell Phillip's sidekick on his famous expedition to Arabia in 1950 to find the Temple of the Queen of Sheba. Wendell Phillips is commonly understood to be the inspiration behind the "Indiana Jones" character.

The story of the adventure would make a great Hollywood film – getting the President of Chrysler to give them 17 Dodge Power Wagons, going where no westerners had tread, finding Sheba's Temple and its priceless artifacts, leaving 15 Power Wagons and many artifacts behind as they fled chased by armed tribesmen.

Iowa Contemporary Art (ICON), is presenting an exhibition celebrating the "Legendary Dodge Power Wagon and the Arabian Expedition" through July 21st.

ICON Art Radio airs Wednesdays 8:00 a.m., repeated Sundays at 8:00 a.m.



Ron Hunerdosse

THIS WEEK ON GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR you get a full dose of the the man known as "Dosse".

Meet Fairfield's own Ron Hunerdosse, native of Fairfield, Iowa for over 50 years and passionate Track and Field and Cross Country coach for Fairfield High School. Mr. Hunerdosse has been involved with track & field for 33 years and talks about his experiences. He is very humble and thankful for his past associations with coaches and students.

Ron is beloved by many people who have gotten to know him as coach. Listen this week and hear more about the man they call "Dosse", so dubbed because a 3rd grade gym teacher couldn't pronounce his name.

Hosted by Ken Malloy on the show Lee Gobble helped name--Get to Know Your Neighbor

Every Thursday at 1pm.

Rebroadcast Tuesday mornings at 8am.


He came from the hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
and made a name for himself nationally as a salesman
and sales consultant. Traveling to 46 of our 50
states, he preached common sense values and time tested
work ethics to all who wanted to take their business
to the next level.

Warren Wechsler
Host Ken Malloy interviews Warren Wechsler: father, husband, salesman, business owner,
radio show host, horseman, community volunteer, mover and shaker. 
Mr. Wechsler has owned many entreprenurial businesses and is a best-selling author.
This show is jam-packed with interesting stories for everyone.
Thursday April 26th, 2007 @ 1:00-2:00pm CST.

Congressman Ron Paul

This interview is now available for download or stream at our Audio link (on the left menu). 

On Friday April 13th, an interview with Congressman Ron Paul of Texas (R) will be aired on Planet Erstwild at 4pm. Paul, who is running for president, will be interviewed by guest host Clyde Cleveland, who himself ran for governor of Iowa as the Libertarian Party candidate in 2002. Reason Magazine interviewed Paul about his presidential bid earlier this year. Asked what issues he would emphasize, Paul responded:

"Everything I’ve talked about for twenty years! I think the biggest thing for Republican primary voters is that most Republicans are turned off right now. They’ve had a beating and are reassessing their values. They have to decide what they believe in. The Republican Party has become about big government conservatism, and Republicans need to hear the message they used to hear: that conservatives are supposed to be for small government."