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Media in 2014

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

Joining Generation whY this week, is GovLoop's Chris Dorobek. Andrew and Chris spend an hour covering topics that include what to expect from the media in 2014, the state of our teeth, and how journalist feel about the NSA.

Chris Dorobek is an award winning journalist. In 2008, his editorials in Federal Computer Week were recognized with the ASBPE national editorial award, and in 2010, he was awarded Federal Computer Week’s prestigious Federal 100 Award — the first working journalist win that award in its more than 20 year history. Most recently, Dorobek served as the anchor of Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s afternoon drive program, the DorobekINSIDER. He also served as the Internet evangelist for Federal News Radio’s Web site,  Dorobek was editor-in-chief of Federal Computer Week, the leading news magazine for government IT decision-makers and the flagship of the 1105 Government Information Group portfolio of publications. As editor-in-chief, Dorobek served as a member of the senior leadership team at 1105 Government Information Group, providing daily editorial direction and management for FCW magazine,, Government Health IT and its other editorial products. Now Dorobek works for, where he hosts his own show DorobekInsider.

Enjoy scintillating and highly informative converstaion with host Melinda Arndt.

Interviews and announcements regarding cultural and civic events happening in and around Fairfield with regular monthly visits from Mayor Ed Malloy, Fairfield Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Rustin Lippincott and First Fridays ArtWalk Director Dania De Bortoli.

 This week Melinda's guest  will be the new Youth Services Librarian at the FF Public Library, Afton Hallauer. She is pleased to be in Fairfield & will fill us in on her journey here, & her plans for Youth Services activities at the library.

If you have events to be announced, please email KRUU-FM at

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Slave Labor or just an Unpaid Intern?

Join host, Andrew Tint on Generation whY as he explores the issues facing Generation Y. The concerns confronting the millennial generation affect more than just a select few- the entire nation is deeply impacted by the tribulations of Generation Y as they come of age. Join Andrew as he discusses a wide range of topics that include student loan debt, internships, social media, and more.

This week host Andrew Tint will be talking to political cartoonist, Matt Bors, about the dangers of unpaid internship, and their effect on the economy. Matt Bors is a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist and editor based in Portland, OR. He was a 2012 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for his political cartoons. His work has been published by The Los Angeles Times, The Nation, Village Voice, The Daily Beast, and dozens of other print and web publications. Matt and Andrew discuss the recent law suites against companies hiring unpaid interns, and whether we have a moral obligation to stop working for free.

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to let Andrew know on twitter (@AndrewTint), leave a comment below, or shoot him an email, Like Generation whY on Facebook.

For more information on Matt Bors go to his website


Ok Go

Friday at 8am, it's Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo. Devo is playing Des Moines Friday night.

Join Mike Ragogna Tuesday, July 27th at 8am CST for interviews with Chris Difford & Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze about their new album Spot the Difference, debuting 8/3/10. Also stay tuned for talk with OK Go's Damien Kulash. The show will be rebroadcast Tusday at 8:00am.

Next week Wednesday and Thursday at 1pm, tune in for interviews with Amy & Emily of the Indigo Girls, Counting Crow's Adam Duritz, and singer songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman.

3pm - James Moore speaks with author/Constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik and Common Sense Revisited's Clyde Cleveland in a free-ranging discussion about life, liberty and the pursuit of sound Constitutional fundamentals. Badnarik was the Libertarian candidate for President in 2004. He ran for Congress in Texas in 2006. Cleveland ran for Governor of Iowa as a Libertarian.

Other guests today include (2pm) State Senator Becky Schmitz, Huffington Post entertainment contributor Mike Ragogna talking about his part in WOB's production of South Pacific and his upcoming interviews on KRUU with Jimmy Webb, Dweezil Zappa, Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, and more, visiting journalist Elisabeth Brown and Go Green comission member Bob Ferguson.  Next week it's Elisabet Humble of Pathfinders and Farmers Market.

Jennifer BrunoJennifer Bruno has her BA in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College with a focus in Sexual Trauma and Somatic Expression. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Health Arts and Sciences with a focus in Sexual Trauma and Non-Government Organization (NGO) Development. Jennifer has created a handbook titled ‘The Body as an Ally,’ which is a compilation of exercises for therapists, currently in the process of being edited for publication.

Jennifer personally uses performance, dance, and movement as therapeutic expressions and creative outlets for growth beyond experiences of trauma. Her personal goals include the promotion of
healthier individuals and communities by sharing principles of empowerment found in multiple modalities. She will continue her work in order to contrElizabeth Beckeribute to the emerging vision of the world as a safe place where each person is free to self-express creatively. She is hosting an advocacy event Wednesday April 8 at Cafe Paradiso at 8pm.

Elizabeth Becker is a journalist and author who specializes in trade, development, and Asian affairs. Elizabeth began her career as a war correspondent for The Washington Post covering Cambodia. She left Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge expelled all foreigners from the country in April 1975. She was one of two American journalists allowed by the Khmer Rouge to return to Democratic Kampuchea briefly in 1978.

Clyde Cleveland spoke with Planet Erstwild host James Moore about COMMON SENSE; Revisited, a book he wrote that purports to solve many of the problems facing our country today by returning to its founding principles. It was inspired by COMMON SENSE, written by Thomas Paine in 1776, a little book that stirred a complacent popultaion into rebellion and changed the course of the world.

Clyde is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for saving the environment and securing individual freedom. He is the co-author of "Restoring the Heart of America, a Return to Government by the People". He was the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Iowa in 2002.

He is currently the co-founder and President of Randall Marketing Group (RMG). RMG is a leader in the field of training financial service agents. Currently RMG has over 100 financial advisors in exclusive territories though out the U.S. U.I.G.'s advisors were responsible for over 150 million in sale of securities and insurance products in 2008.
[Click here for full bio. Click pic for Clyde's website.]

Rachel ScottRachel Scott was appointed Division Administrator for the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women (ICSW), an executive branch state agency, in 2007 by Governor Chet Culver.

Since that time, she has been an advocate on a number of women’s issues, such as policies to increase girls’ participation in science, technology, engineering, and math, wage equity for women, and the need for more women in elected office.

Prior to her appointment, she was a public policy consultant and a college English instructor. She holds an MPA in Public Policy from Drake University and an MA in English from Truman State University.

She lived in Fairfield from 1992-2002 and is the daughter of Dave Butler of Fairfield.

Joe Sugarman


At 2:15pm, James talks with direct marketing gurOudu Joe Sugarman from Las Vegas. A top advertising and marketing entrepeneur, Joe will be in Fairfield Saturday October 4th & 5th at 9am for the launch of Maui Joe Coffee. He is working in conjunction with local businessman Cliff Rose. James is joined by infomercial indutry pioneer Tim Hawthorne, Chairman and Executive Creative Director of Hawthorne DIrect.

At 3pm, master oud player Udi Erdogan performs in the KRUU-FM studios. Enjoy a whirling dervish and Sufi concert at Cafe Paradiso Saturday October 4th at 8pm with Oudi aOther Side of Israelnd Friends. Sunday at the Church of the Holy Spirit at 1:30pm.

Jerry Yellin
At 3:30pm, James talks with author Jerry Yellin about his new book THE BLACKENED CANTEEN, which goes on sale today. The book is a histroy lesson for young people.

At 4pm, James speaks with author Susan Nathan about her book THE OTHER SIDE OF ISRAEL: My Journey Across Israeli/Arab Divide. She is in Canada today but will be speaking at the old Brick Church on Sunday evening in Iowa City.

Sonia Luz Vera



Join host Ken Malloy as he talks with Colombian-born Sonia Luz Vera about her occupation as translator, her role as mother to two teenagers and wife to her husband, as well as host of her own KRUU Spanish-speaking program La Hora Latina.

Another great chance to Get to Know Your Neighbor.

Thursdays at 1pm CST

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