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Asparagus with Michael Havelka and PIZZA!

I think you could make a case that Biodynamic farming has been around in one form or another since man began cultivating plants.  It was formalized in the 1920's as a part of the anthroposophical philosophy founded by the Austrian philosopher, writer, and esotericist Rudolf Steiner.   

The biodynamic approach continues to grow in popularity, and, for example, this week the 1,033 acre King Estate Winery in Eugene, Oregon, announced it will soon become the largest biodynamic vineyard in the United States.

Robert KarpRobert Karp is the Co-Director of the Biodynamic Association, and a long-time food activist.  He was one of the cofounders of the Ames Farmers Market, and a former executive director of Practical Farmers of Iowa.  Our discussion assisted me in gaining a better understanding of the holistic nature of biodynamics, and I know you will find his insights stimulating.



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Let's just have a good time.

jazz smile



Joel plays jazz for the just and the unjust alike in this non-thematic, plain good music, just playin' what comes next episode of JPJ. Kicking back, chilling, call it what you will, but I've got a set of jazz lined up with welcome contributions from Coleman Hawkins, Art Pepper, Dexter Gordon, J. J. Johnson, Charlie Christian, Johnny Griffin and many others.


Celebrating the mainstream? Oh, why not, as long as a happy time will be had by all. A handful of long tracks and a mess of shorter ones, some singers and some unsung heroes- just songs that will have your feet tapping, your hands clapping, your mind sparkling and your eyes twinkling.



Have I mentioned before just how good jazz is for you?