GREAT TASTE is firing up the burnes in the Hy-Vee Club Room Wednesday.  We'll have terrific food, music, and a special guest chef from Spain, Chef Fátima Pérez Andres.

Chef Fátima Pérez Andres Chef Fátima is the owner of Restaurante Fatima and one of Spain's top mycologists.   Her work with Madrid Fusion, and local mushroom producers and groups including El Congreso Zoria Gastronomica has brought great recognition to the area of Castilla y Leon, where her restaurant is located.

She is currently participating in an educational and cultural exchange program at Indian Hills, working with the students in the Culinary Arts program.  The Director of the program, Chef Gordon Rader, will join her in our studio kitchen along with several students.

  • Wed
    Jul 18
    6:00 pm -
    7:00 pm
  • Fri
    Jul 20
    6:00 am -
    7:00 am


Tilapia-Spanish styleIf you missed out on our Spanish food night last month, here's another opportunity.  After two weeks in Spain, during June and July, several of the culinary students at Indian Hills will recreate dishes they learned to prepare, and regale us with their late-night adventures.  Fortunate are we who find a spot in the audience at Hy-Vee for a sampling of yogurt mousse, tortillas (not Mexican tortillas, a totally different food in Spain), pork-Spanish style, olive oil bonbons, and more.

Gastronomic Creation12 Indian Hills Culinary students along with the director of the program, Chef Gordon Rader, returned this week from two weeks in Spain.  They spent the mornings learning Spanish, cooked all afternoon and enjoyed excursions to wineries, restaurants, and farms while basking in an atmosphere overflowing with the red carpet treatment.  They are all going to crowd into the studio and give us the chance for some vicarious thrills while relating some of the trip's significant happenings on this week's GREAT TASTE.

The program they participated in is part of a larger cultural and educational exchange created by Rader and his Spanish counterpart, Fernando Perez of Escuela do la Cocina International in conjunction with the Univ. of Valladolid, University of Salamanca and the Royal Academy of Gastronomy of Spain.  One objective of the program is to have year-round classes for high school and college students, farmers, producers, and anyone involved in the world of food.   These classes would be held in both Spain and the states.

Barcelona tapasFood, Music, and More
Join Steve Boss & Kathy DuBois with special guests-
Samuel Melero-playing music with a Catalan accent
Rich Sims-star KRUU DJ and extraordinary home cook
the organizers of the upcoming annual MUM Eco-Fair:
Artisinal Foods and the Slow Food Movement.
"Savor the Flavor, Save the Earth."
We're cooking in the studio-typical tapas from Barcelona, cheese and olive dip Sims style, and Sims stovetop popcorn.