Say YES and deal with the fear later. Nick Jaina's adherence to that philosophy underscores his ability to successfully pursue a vast array of creative ventures. His latest success is an intriguing, poetic, music-centric memoir, GET IT WHILE YOU CAN, released in January 2015 by Perfect Day Publishing. Nick's other accomplishments include co-founding the Satellite Ballet and Collective and composing music for ballet, modern dance, feature films, and plays. His most recent album, Primary Perception, was released in 2013.

At 7:30 PM Tuesday, June 2nd Nick will share his music and writing at Earth & Water Tea Lounge & Pottery Shop in Fairfield, Iowa. Locals Nynke Passi and Malinda Gosvig will also share readings.

For a glimpse into how a creative whirlwind embarks on and sustains a plethora of artistic endeavors, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Nick Jaina.

Singer Songwriter Chad ElliottAward-winning singer-songwriter Chad Elliott's channeled his creative energy into 19 albums, two movie sound tracks, a kids' book line (that he writes, illustrates, and enlivens with original music), photography, ceramics, fine art paintings, and more. How does he do it?

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"Ricochet" with Sharon Bousquet

RicochetI think that is the most lyrical blog post title I've ever written (for those of you not in the know, the "quet" in "Bousquet" rhymes with the "chet" in "Ricochet".)  Which is quite fitting since today's guesSharon Bousquett is a wonderfully lyrical songwriter.  Sharon's latest CD, "Ricochet" is rich in both words and music. Join us today on Writers' Voices as we delve into the heart and soul, and the pracitical side as well, of writing songs.

Michaela Making Quiche


"Music feeds us energetically." So say husband and wife singing duo Steve & Mlchaela Terrien McLain, who will serenade couples at 8:30 PM on Valentine's Day in Fairfield at The Burning Oak's basement bar. Whether she's stirring up quiche filling, painting pictures, or writing songs, Michaela says, "It's fun to create!"

During this wide-ranging interview, she and Steve reflect on the origins of their musical journeys, express gratitude toward mentors, and reveal the conditions they find most helpful when writing songs. For tips that just might help your creativity flow more freely, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Steve & Michaela Terrien McLain! 

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Lizzy Lehman Interview on Lyrical Venus!

Lizzy LehmanOh I just wanna fly
'cause I know the feeling would be right
Let's do it, I say tonight
Tonight would be just fine
I've worked it out
I've got my shoes laced up tight
And the temperature's alright
~ September Sky, Lizzy Lehman

With a soul, sound and subject matter that belie her years, listening to Lizzy Lehman gives the impression of a folk artist with several albums and several tours of the national coffee-house circuit already under her belt.  Currently an Austinite by way of Portland, OR and Evanston, IL, Lizzy could easily hold her own in a round-robin song circle with the likes of Amber Rubarth, Ana Egge, Catie Curtis and Meg Hutchinson.

Tune in from 9-10 Central for an interview with Lizzy followed by 30 more minutes of music by wonderful women songwriters! 

Kris Delmhorst

Hey y'all, it's Thursday and that means it's time for some good old roots, Americana, country, bluegrass and beyond on Crooked Sisters Radio Hour. Over the next few weeks I'll be featuring sets of some of my favorite songwriters (in no particular order). This week's highlighted artist is New England based Kris Delmhorst. Kris is more than just your average brilliant songwriter..

In addition to crafting those wonderful lyrical gems, she's a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, banjo, piano, fiddle, cello), a gifted producer, and apparently with her latest album, a recording engineer as well. So join me, your host Lauryn Shapter, for some great roots and Americana including an extended set of the lovely and talented Kris Delmhorst.

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