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Jenn Cleary Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 9/20

Jenn ClearyIt's my last day here in paradise
Gotta put back on my shoes
But all I wanna do is stay here and cruise
I got the blues, there's nothing I can do
~ Last Day of Vacation Blues, Jenn Cleary

It's tempting at first to put Colorado artist Jenn Cleary squarely in the blues category.  It wouldn't be completely wrong, she does have a powerful, smokey voice and the hot guitar chops and plenty of tunes that fit the genre.  But listening to her latest album Back to the Wheel, one quickly discovers that Jenn is first a true songwriter, with a penchant for blues, the ability to slide between rock, folk and more with ease, and the commitment to serve the songs in whatever style is best suited to the story at their heart, because heart they have indeed.

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Sister Jane on Lyrical Venus Radio!

Sister JaneNo compromising
Change is coming too fast
No listening to how I feel
You're gonna free your heart at last
~ No Compromise, Sister Jane

Austin, Texas band Sister Jane blends sweet harmonies, aware lyrics, thumping bass lines and a dash of violin to create their own special brand of pop-reggae that is sure to bring a smile to your face and set your body swaying.

Lead songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Lynette Perkins can bring the groove with multiple combinations of musicians, from an acoustic duo with Catherine Parke on vocals and violin, to the core four women of Sister Jane including Vicka Behl (5 string bass and vocals) and Franci Jarrard (keyboards and vocals) to a full six piece adding in Mark Wilson on saxophone and flute and Scott White on drums.

Amy ZamarripaViolet dreams racing through my mind
Kaleidoscope of wishes lighting up the night
Bright, bright, bright

~ Violet Dreams, Amy Zamarripa

Generous, hard-working and talented to boot, Amy Zamarripa is a major player in the Austin Open Mic scene, hosting her own on Fridays at Fair Bean Coffee and you can find her playing out at others around town almost any other night of the week!  

With a rich, bluesy voice and lush, poetic lyrics, Amy's music mixes the soulfulness of Janis Joplin, the spark of Bonnie Raitt and the mystery of Tori Amos. With one album under her belt and another one in the works, she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central to get to know Amy, hear a few songs celebrating the 4th and more!  Amy will be on the air at 9am.

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Lyrical Venus Full Music Morning: Pins & Needles, Razors & Rust

Lyrical Venus Pins and Needles etcSometimes following a random road leads to a new idea, like when I press shuffle on my music library and suddenly see a bit of a theme emerging.  This week the hint of a theme came together from something to do with pins, needles, razors, rust, guns, coal and diamonds.  A sort of sharp, metallic morning mix for you, but balanced with a healthy scoop of angelic sweetness and an occasional touch of sass.  

Tune in Tuesday morning from 9-10am Central to hear women like Sara Bareilles, Jennings, Teresa Storch, Boca Chica, Neko Case, Tori Sparks, Pieta Brown, Susan Gibson and more. Click here for the playlist.

Diana Upton-HillLiving in a plastic world
with a plastic dream
Where nothing is as it seems
~ Plastic, Diana Upton-Hill

If you live in Southeast Iowa, you're a fan of musical theatre, and you've been to a few shows in the past couple years, chances are you're already familiar with the talents of Diana Upton-Hill. Her newest album, Sparkle, is a chance to introduce the world to another of her skills - songwriting.

Like a multi-faceted gem, Sparkle showcases several sides of a dynamic and passionate performer.  Flowing from high-energy pop to moody, gothic rock, the album evokes powerhouse voices such as Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne by turn.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus Radio on Tuesday from 9-10 am for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters and get to know Diana a little better. She will be calling at 9:30 Central. Read more at Lyrical Venus.

Melanie TaylorListen boy, I've got some things I need to say to you
You've got me fooled more than I'd ever care to say was true
~ Freak Out, Melanie Taylor

Los Angeles based actress and singer-songwriter Melanie Taylor has her multi-talented fingers in a whole bunch of pies these days.  With a cool head, mature outlook on life and deep well of passionate energy, the 22 year old has what it takes to balance her time between acting, singing and even contributing her talents to charitable causes.

Her danceable pop-rock sound has people comparing her to other powerhouse women in the genre like Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Ke$ha.  Keep an eye on Melanie, she's going places!

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday, January 25th from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters, and to get to know Melanie Taylor.

Laura WagnerShe looks at all the broken dreams
From a run down apartment on a dead end street
They’re all dancing on glass with naked feet, and no beat
~ Glass House, Laura Wagner

California based singer-songwriter Laura Wagner's bio says that she is where she is because of her inability to get on the right freeway when attempting to hitch a ride from Chicago to New York when she was 16.  I'd like to offer a guess that it also has every bit as much to do with her ability to make the most of any situation she finds herself in, and the way she picks herself up anytime life knocks her down.  Her music is filled with the kind of qualities you'd expect from a survivor - grit, passion, soul and a dash of humor for good measure.

Join me Tuesday, September 7th for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters!  Laura will be calling around 9:30am.

Kate Graves


The lovely Kate Graves is busy getting her new album "Love Songs For The Neurotic" ready for release but she's taking some time out for an interview on Lyrical Venus this Tuesday. I've gotten to preview some of the songs and they are delightful little gems I've had on repeat all day! I love this quote about her voice:

"Kate's voice is the Long Island Ice Tea of voices. It's One part
Lucinda, two part Emmylou, with a twist of Norah Jones." ~Paul
Godbout, lead singer of Secret Sobriety

Come have a listen yourself and see what Paul means.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am for songs by female singer-songwriters, interview at 9:30.

Hallie Pritts of Boca Chica
Some girls cry for wedding bells
and some for diamond rings
What I want for right now
is a quiet place to think
~ Boca Chica, Beasts

This week on Lyrical Venus I'll be interviewing Hallie Pritts of the indie alt-folk band Boca Chica. Their quiet, lush and sometimes quirky sound has drawn comparisons to Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine and Bright Eyes with flavors of Old Crow Medicine Show and Gillian Welch. Boca Chica means "little mouth", and just like the small fruit they sing about in their song Blackberries, Hallie and company provide sweet-tart morsels of sound that leave a stain of faded purple behind and satisfied smile on your lips. Voted one of the city's best bands by the 2006 Pittsburgh City Paper poll and featured on NPR's Open Mic podcast, Boca Chica has been charming audiences across the country since 2004. Tune in Tuesday at 9 am to hear from Hallie!