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feel good

latest and greatest


this feeling can't me missed.

get some of my favoritie new tunes

This week it all turns out to be very similar in genre.

I'll let you decide what type that actually is.




(11/1/11)  GREAT DATE! EVERYBODY A HAPPY NEWE YEAR! Today my friend Lizzy is in the studio for a visit and we had a great time listening to the music...=)

(1/18/11) It's my mom's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my playlist is accoring to her wishes. Great 70's music!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALso my two friends Lizzy and Rosie are here and we are modorating together :)!

(1/25/11) Today I have music playing that was mostly given to me by big brother and my friend gabs, I mostly gonna have Indie Rock, Alternative and Rock....


(2/1/11)Hello on this stormy day! I hope all off you are safe and warm and able to enjoy my music today. I gonna play a lot of Alternative songs, but also indie, rock and pop are gonna be there as usual...and ... I had 2 guests, surprisingly. Joseph and Kevin from the sustainable living department from MUM talking about their project on renewable energy. 



So I've been listening to 2 of what probably is my top 20 albums today, The Avalanches - 'Since I left you' and Cornershop - 'When I Was Born for the 7th Time' and it inspired me to make a post about tonight's show.

Yo all you hip-hoppers,

It is Friday, you know what that means... Time for another new show of Soul Product giving you a two hour block of some great hip-hop and discussion with your hosts: Yours truly and John Cope. We will also have special guest: Tracy Clark with us in the studio.

The show will go live @ 10PM and run until 12AM. If you're listenting in you're welcome to call in whenver and talk with us on the air. You can catch us on any radio or listen on your computer here at
We have just assembled the playlist, and I think it's a great line-up.

Just to name a few artsists we will be playing: