Roots and Americana music

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings

Howdy folks.

Continuing my series on some of my favorite songwriters, this week Crooked Sisters Radio Hour shines the spotlight on neo-traditionalist and Americana darling, Gillian Welch. Along with her partner, David Rawlings, Gillian Welch has been writing, performing, recording for well over the last decade and is one of the most oft-sited influences and most frequently covered songwriters in the Americana genre.

Join me, Lauryn Shapter, as I pay homage to one of my biggest influences, playing Gillian and David's music as performed by them and a choice cover of one of their songs by brother and sister duet, Tim and Mollie O'Brien. I'll also highlight some Gillian's work with other artists. And, of course, in and around Gillian, will be the best Roots, Americana, Country, Bluegrass and Beyond, this and every Thursday, 10 to noon!