Lyrical Venus Eats Music

I'm on vacation in Colombia this week, but thanks to the powers of the interwebs, I am able to beam you a delicious feast for your ears all the way from Medellin.

This carefully crafted musical meal may make more sense if you check out the playlist, but once you get home, and after some dancing in the kitchen, if you're hungry, there are potatoes, cranberries, celery, nutritious whole grains, even a few pistachios and cupcakes!

Happy Thanksgiving from Lyrical Venus! Tune in Tuesday 11/23 from 9-10am Central and don't miss a (sound)bite!

P.S. Musical feasts are for listening only, please don't eat your iPod.

Winter Songs
Rock Paper Scissors

It's cold outside but there's plenty of good music on the radio to give you warm fuzzies! Tune in for a set off the Hotel Cafe Winter Songs compilation with new originals and fun new takes on classic songs by the talented ladies from The Hotel Cafe Tour.

We'll also have a sneak preview set from the brand new album by some other talented ladies - the Fairfield band Rock Paper Scissors. They are releasing the album this Friday the 19th! (click the pictures for more info about the albums)

the solvents, emily and jarrod, promo for eden's hour Emily and Jarrod of the Solvents stop by Eden's Hour this weekend!!!

Having recently returned from a West Coast tour which they have blogged in detail here, these Port Townsend natives have their sights set on a new recording and another trip down south! But you don't have to go far to warm up with this adorable duo this Saturday evening.

Ezra Reich at David Lynch Foundation benefit concertThanks to Bill Wolford for filling in for me the past couple weeks! I've been in Los Angeles coordinating a benefit concert for the David Lynch Foundation. The show had a great lineup which you can see here plus a special last minute addition of Ezra Reich (pictured left at the benefit) with Fairfield's own David Hurlin accompanying him on drums. I've posted a re-cap of the night in my blog and more pictures from the concert are posted to the DLF myspace.


sub pop 20

Tonight! A special show in honor of the 20th birthday of Sub Pop Records ...give or take your definition of 20th anniversary as they have actually been in existence in some form or another for a little longer than that. I'll be highlighting some of my fave Sub Pop songs from the past 8 years or so... I'm sorry I just can't go grunge on you. I know I know... I COULD play some of the music that put Sup Pop on te map, like Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and Green River ...but alas that would mean also reminiscing about Seattle in the 90's and that could take a long time and would mean I'd have to whip out old pictures of me with a chelsea haircut and ripped jeans. I can't bring myself to do that to you ...or me. A girls got a reputation to maintain ;-)



The Jukebox Boogaloo is back from its summer haitus and
ready to pour out an audio 40 oz for the life and legacy of the great
Ellas Otha Bates, AKA Bo Diddley, who ascended to the great T.A.M.I.
show in the sky on June 2nd.

The Prince O'Wails is locked and loaded with stacks of
classic Bo and Bo-influenced wax, most of it not often heard on
contemporary American radio, from impossibly-obscure Bo rarities like
"Bo Diddley's Dog" and "Hong Kong Mississippi" to the many boss
R&B, Garage Rock, and Glam platters which pummeled the kiddies'
ears with the BIG BO BEAT, from "I'm Cryin'" by the Animals to "I Want
Candy" by the Strangeloves.

So clear the beer bottles and yoga mats from the floor
and strap on the high heel sneakers for two solid hours of the old
Shave-and-a-haircut chunka-chunka-boom-boom!


Amy Raasch
"She's got her own inner groove; nothing tentative about it. A force to be reckoned with."

- Don Was

You know why I love the internet? Because I can find new music, meet the cool independent musicians from all over the world who make that music, and interview them on my radio show! Take Amy Raasch for example - she's all the way out on the West coast, winning songwriting contests and coming up with projects to push her songwriting to a whole new level. Join me on Tuesday to meet Amy and find out how she's doing on her "52 Songs" quest to write one song per week for a year, and post it on YouTube for the world to see!

You know why else I love the internet? Everyone all over the world can tune in!

Dennis Driscoll by Erin Skipper

Tune in Saturday evening for an in-Studio performance and interview with singer-songwriter Dennis Driscoll, K Records alumni and founder of Egg Recordings. Dennis is a quirky and lovable storyteller and artist and will share some poems and a few spanking new songs.

Katy Perry
"You're so edgy
You don't even need a rhyming dictionary
I wipe my hands on your jeans
Cause they are more distressed"

- Katy Perry, Simple

This week the thing all the ladies on The Lyrical Venus Radios hour have in common is they've all played at the Hotel Cafe in LA. The amazing singer-songwriter listening room/coffee shop has hosted the likes of KT Tunstall, Ingrid Michaelson, Rachael Yamagata, Imogen Heap, The Weepies, Sara Bareilles and many, many more! Tune in to hear a few!

Erin Skipper radio promo Pic by Tara Gorman

Saturday night at 9pm you'll find me with my hand in the Harry Candy jar ...reaching for a couple songs from the latest Ball of Wax compilation. In other words, you will be served a dessert buffet as diverse as the 35 Seattle and New York musicians that were randomly selected to write songs together within a 24 hour period to create the 11th volume of Ball of Wax. The results are tasty.

Save room for second dessert! There's more goodness to be had in this hour of Eden's.

 Complete playslist here