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This week on You Bet Your Life! 

Pet carrots, plastic gardens, an old box, bubblegum and mustard. 

Above: Palehound


From Left: Heidi Spencer, Andrea Estella of Mr. Twin Sister

You Bet Your Life! 

This week: Bad businessmen and pigs, pocket knives and rebel girls. 

Land of broken dreams, little countries, and Goat. 

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You Bet Your Life! Mondays @ 11am, Fridays @ 7pm

Music to make your think and dance. And feel all the feels. Fierce, witty, tender, vivid, crazy, smart. Rock, pop, rap, folk, classical, jazz, no stone unturned. International and Homegrown. Old and new songs for the times. 

This ain't kumbaya. 

Mondays @ 11am, Fridays @ 7pm

PJ, Bjork, Tori

Heavy Rotation: The Triple Goddesses PJ Harvey, Bjork, and Tori Amos. 


Porcupine TreePictured here you see the band Porcupine Tree. I am starting off the show today with a three song mini set from them. My son Sam turned me on to this band. They have elements of Dredg & Pink Floyd in them, fascinating stuff. I have 13 other songs during my 2 hour set. I am also bringing you the proof with a song called 'Uncle Jed Say' from Happy & Artie Traum. Yes, they did some guitar instruction stuff over the years, same men, but they also built a wonderful country album back around 1970 and it took me years to find a copy. You win! I will be playing alot more of them in future shows. I have some Beatles, Darker My Love, Bob Dylan, and a long progressive number by Blood, Sweat, & Tears. The final track today is Fifty States of Freedom by Brewer & Shipley. Food for thought as we process the speech from last night. Check out the playlist on my show blog. Do not hesitate to send in a request for specific songs or artists. I am on it!

G ManAs you all know, I frequently get on a kick where I just focus in on one thing and beat it to death musically. Well, here I go again. Actually, I am going to play songs for the whole two hours Thursday that have never been played on my show before. And I am going to be playing some obscure material, some recorded live as it happens, and a lot of up tempo music. I am kind of in that mood these days.

You will recognize Billy Joel, The Velvet Underground, Los Lobos, Captain Beefheart and The Smashing Pumpkins. You may not recognize these fine garage rock bands: Young Caucasians, Rank & File, The Primatons, The Endorphins (great band name, huh?), The Syndicate of Sound, The Rivieras, and People. I will have Green Day from their first album(!), and classic Beatles cuts for your aural enjoyment. All for you, from 2-4 Thursday, courtesy of the Great Jimmy Moore and KRUU! The G Man

The G Man is live in the studio Thursday 2-4 PM, playing tunes from recent foraging in the used album bins. I also have new music via friends and relatives, and a little bit of luck meeting some like-minded individuals at record shows. Just gonna cue up some records, play some requests, and have a screamin' good time.... hehhehflr pot girl

Today on Centripetal Sounds, give a listen to local bands, curious ideas about rhythm and melody, and obscure albums from the sixties. The underground passages are being extended, dear friends. Come for the rap and stay for the muse.