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Jimi Petulla & Brian Morrow on Speaking Freely with Dennis Raimond


Jimi Petulla is an American filmmaker, entrepreneur and educator who is known for his Mentor/Apprentice approach to learning. He is the founder and CEO of RRF, Inc., which offers mentor based courses in film, recording, and radio.

Brian Morrow is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Shark Pig in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently producing a film on the life of film director Hal Ashby.


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This week on Ear Fillers...

Red Car

The "Billboard Hot 100" #1 hits from 1982 and 1983.


(Except for Lionel and Bowie, for whom no suitable substition can be found.)


Walk around Fairfield with p5k


tonight we've got The Coasters, Little Richard, Elton John, The Hollies, Gene Pitney, The Rays, The Jive Five and RJD2


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On P5K

A Night at the Orchestra

A Night at the Orchestra

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On P5K


Men marching to war.

  1. Were you ever so ready for something your whole life acted merely as a prelude?
  2. Did you ever perform a trick so magic you couldn't follow it up?
  3. How did you not already guess I was talking about recycling?

Recycling is a key virtue all citizens aspire to. Someday you may taste the glory of recycling.

Not there yet? Do not despair. Recyling doesn't come easily at first, but it come to those who wait. And like all who wait, you'll probably need a hobby to help you pass the time.

p5k reccomends you pick a productive hobby. If you're going to spending a lot of time on something for fun, you  might as well get something out of it too. And you never know when the fruits of your labor may come in handy.


And listen to p5k, it's another good way to pass the time until your next opprotunity for recycling.

Special featured genre tonight:

Stan & Hunter FrebergA belated Valentine's Day treat from Mike Ragogna's 2.0.

Two minds in love, Stan and Hunter Freberg discuss their new comedy cd "Songs In the Key of Freberg", their relationship, and Stan's career, which has encompassed animation, tv, radio, comedy records, advertising and beyond. Stan is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame, Animation Hall of Fame, and has his own star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is perhaps best known for his comedy records: "Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America", "St. George and the Dragonet", "John and Marsha", and many more. Stan has also been credited as bringing comedy to advertising.

Stan also created the word "Grammy" for the Grammy awards.

Meital DohanMeital Dohan is an Israeli actress, who is perhaps best known in the U.S. for her recurring role in season 2 of Weeds. Meital was born in raised in a small village in central Israel. She began studying acting at thirteen, and later joined Nissan Nativ – a highly prestigious acting school regarded as being the best in Israel. Ms. Dohan is currently involved in several film projects and hosts a radio show, Loud Miracles, broadcast on the Women's Radio Network.

Don Hansen is a pioneer of American surfing. He is celebrating his 50th year of owning and operating Hansen's Surfboards, one of the world's top surf shops located in Encinitas, one of the epicenters, in the world of surfing.