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Garden of SoundsOpera to RelaxTake the edge off the winter chill with a warm cup of your favorite brew and a slice of Fringe Toast.

This week’s brew consists of another international blend of flavors from Denmark, Scotland, India, France, Argentina, Germany, UK, and Canada. Opera-to-Relax (OTR) is the highlighted group of the week.

Last week, DJ Andy Bargerstock crowned them as the “quintessential Fringe Toast
group”. Can anyone find anything on the Internet about this group? Their website indicates that an English version is coming soon. So, how do we describe them - downtempo, ethereal jazz/blues improvisations, exotic dreamy female vocals, trippy delicate electronic backscapes. Oh, yes! This sounds like an endorphin producing dessert. Tonight, you will hear a triple play of OTR tracks never heard before on this program.

Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse is the featured artist of the week. This controversial young artist from UK is rapidly gaining international attention. Tonight, you will hear why. Besides her recent US release of "Love is a Losing Game", DJ Andy will offer, "You Know I'm No Good."

Continuing last week's introduction of the Norwegian group, Kings of Covenience, the Fringe Toast Meister will begin the program with a double dip from their CD, "Riot on an Empty Street" -- flavors of Simon and Garfunkle. Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, will contribute two tracks from the film soundtrack, "Into the Wild". And, then from Berlin, WI, Sean Gill will perform "Dust Rising" in the style of Michael Hedges, who was his major inspiration. This is an artist we should coax to Fairfield for a concert.

Liquid Sound CompanyIn this week's show, DJ Andy Bargerstock will take us on another journey through charming melodies and ethereal soundscapes. Snakefarm's "Songs from My Funeral" will be the featured CD of the evening. This duo consisting of Anna Domino and Michel Delory transform traditional folk songs into a downtempo, electro-acoustic sound that is "reminiscent of a collision among so-called acid-jazz, rave and film noire." (George Graham, WVIA-FM).

Yet, DJ Andy has more in store for you from his cavern of obscure music. For those longing for the psychedelic era, you will enjoy the 9-minute "Unfolding" track from the 2002 CD, "Inside the Acid Temple" by Liquid Sound Company. This CD is already selling at a premium on the used copy market. Their music is described as "a mindblowing mixture of psych, space rock, West Coast sounds, Middle Eastern scales, spaced lyrics and cosmic vibes." ( Oh, yes! This does sound like Fringe Toast material.

PsyquaticsThis week's Fringe Toast program moves through the outer edges of electronic music. But, the program is ultimately embraced by some of the Fringe Toast Meister's favorite female vocalists.... and Fairfield's own Psyquatics!

Featured artist of the night is ZERO ONE, a.k.a., Kevin Dooley, whose recent release of his 4th CD is getting rave reviews for its "continued ascent to new heights in both sound quality and compositional techniques while remaining true to his distinctive style." (Waveform Records)

You will also hear Magic Sound Fabric with their "intoxicating rush of hallucinogenic rhythms" and Steve Cobby's The Solid Doctor carving out a cool groove between the dance floor and the stereo. As the journey continues, we will experience visitations from System 7, The Dining Rooms, Back 2 U, and Canada's Delerium.

Interspersed throughout the evening, several female vocalists will entertain and soothe our souls. Strolling with melodies, we will hear Sarah Harmer, Cat Power, Dory Previn, and Sarah McLachlan.

But, listen closely for Jimmy Dalton's Psyquatics performing "7th Voyage" towards the end of hour two. Oh yes, this will be another magic evening.

Amon Duul

AMON Duul 2 resurrected! During this past week, DJ Andy Bargerstock wandered through an old box of reel-to-reel audio tapes from the early 1970s when he was doing college radio in Pennsylvania. Tonight, we benefit from this serendipitous event. You will hear some of these delightful discoveries from the vault of the former the Underground Man (Andy's DJ handle from the '70s). You will hear three tracks from Amon Duul 2, a German improvisational group founded in 1969 as a spin-off from the earlier Amon Duul. You'll hear selections from their 1972 albums, "Wolf City" and "Carnival in Babylon," and a bonus track from "Viva la Trance" (1974). Stephen Stills and Fleetwood Mac will contribute rarely heard music from the same era.

Moving into the contemporary music scene, DJ Andy will play music from artists formerly associated with the very cool British electronic/blues group, Zero 7. Your ears will tenderly accept the sounds of Mozez (with Airmate), Sia Furler, Sophie Barker (with Bliss), and Jose Gonzalez, the hip Swedish acoustic guitarist and songwriter. You'll definitely want to turn the lights low and settle deeply into this set.


First Anniversary Show Extravaganza! This week marks the first anniversary of FRINGE TOAST. Host Andy Bargerstock will be playing his favorite mixes from the past year's shows If you tuned into the very first show last fall, you might remember the "Never So Lonely Mix". This 30-minute sample CD was created by Bargerstock when he auditioned at KRUU. Now, you will hear it again starting with the hauntingly beautiful title track by Sheila Chandra which morphs into a swirling array of tunes by the Beatles, Monsoon, Blind Faith, Jefferson Starship, et al.

You will also hear Bargerstock's own "Pink Floyd Mix" of several pre-1971 Pink Floyd tunes built around the core piece, "The Atom Heart Mother Suite". This 32-minute mix illustrates the masterful compositional talents of David Gilmour and the advant-garde Scottish composer, Ron Geesin, who joined the Floyd for this endeavor.


west coast pop art experimental band
In tonight's show, DJ Andy Bargerstock will play an extremely rare recording called "Smell of Incense" by the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (WCPAEB) circa 1968.

You will be amazed to hear how contemporary sounding this piece plays. Tune in and learn more about WCPAEB.

Early in the program you will hear vintage and rarely heard tracks from early Fleetwood Mac, Rick Ocasek, and Cream. Later contributors include Tierra Negra, Popa Chubby, Katherin DeBour, King Kitch, J. Ralph, and Amar Sundy... and the list goes on. And, yes, DJ Andy will take you on an etheral ride with a couple of sets of sweet electro-acoustic artists.

If you enjoy the Fringe Toast lineup of blues, electro-acoustic mixes, singer-songwriter ballads and such, then you will be taking another ride down endorphin lane with this show.

Tell your friends across the USA to tune into the show at

Acoustic and Singer-songwriter collaborations Night.Bonnie Raitt
Tonight's program will feature some rarely heard tunes from some of the greatest such as Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, and Stephen Stills (more from his recently released, "Just Roll Tape"), and the great acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke and friends.
Before you think we will slide beautifully and totally into acoustic blues, hold up the torch for the constitutional Fringe Toast "chill out" sets. Yes, indeed.
Tonight you will hear a few tracks from Zero 7, Federico Aubele, Morcheeba and Leggo Beast.
The program will conclude with Part V of Silent Intelligence by Peter Namlook (kool man backwards) and Richie Hawtin from the CD, From Within 3. It will be an inspired journey as usual.
Tell your friends to tune in......
Tonight's program features exquisite and rare tracks from Stephen Stills and delighfully lesser known groups like Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
During our recent trip to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, we were struck by the background music played between the featured artists. It was bluegrass Led Zeppelin. Doesn't compute! But, tonight on Fringe Toast you will hear music from the CD, "Pickin' on Zeppelin". It is amazingly effective. Your toes will be tapping.

Later, you will hear vintage Stephen Stills from his July 2007 release, "Just Roll Tape," recorded around 1970 in New York while courting Joni Mitchell. The story goes that Stills went into another studio near where Joni was recording an album, and he told the engineer, "Just roll tape." For years the session tapes were lost and forgotten. Eventually, the tapes came back to Stills and now the music comes to you.... on tonight's program, you will hear acoustic versions of "Wooden Ships" and "Bumblebee".

Then, there will be the unusual set of suspects such as Calexico, Jan Malawaki, Bonobo, Tones on Tail, Pitch Black, Blue Tonic World, Ishq and my favorite find of the week, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Grace hails from Waitsfield, VT which is just down the road from where my wife and I vacationed this summer. According to those in the know, Grace Potter is one to watch.... and listen. Some compare her style to Bonnie Rait. But, you'll need to stick around towards the end of the program to hear Grace.


-- Host, Andy Bargerstock, a.k.a. The Underground Man.

This program will most certainly make you pleasantly crispy around the edges.Fringe Toasted
By popular request, this week's show will beginning with the 30-minute "Never So Lonely Mix" originally aired in the very first Fringe Toast Program on KRUU-FM last September. It begins with the haunting title track melody from Sheila Chandra which overlaps with an instrumental version of "Within You Without You" by the Beatles followed by a series of classic FM tracks from Blind Faith, Jefferson Starship, George Harrison and others.
Later, you will be delighted with selected blues/acoustic music from Cowboy Junkies, Ben Harper, Coldplay, Pieta Brown, Bo Ramsey, Flying Dutchman, Ayub Ogada and J.J. Cale.
In the second half, you will also hear some remarkable early 1990s electronica by Fireman, the little known collaboration between Paul McCartney and British DJ named Youth. This trippy, sweeping blend of acoustic guitar and percolating electronics reminds me of Michel Moulinie, the obscure French musician highlighted in earlier Fringe Toast programs. You don't want to miss this extremely rare session.

Check the Fringe Toast Program page to see this week's playlist.

-- Andy Bargerstock, Fringe Toast