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Mt TheloniousThe opening spotlight shines on Mt Thelonious (St. Louis trio photo left) who will perform live at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 8pm.  Reviewer Roy Kasten of describes Mt. T as "led by singer and guitarist Ian Lubar and featuring violin and bass from Alissa Avery and Mark Wallace, who combine boot-slapping rhythmic drive and old-time melodies with more than a little spirited and well-honed musicianship."  Fairfield's own Mirabai Britton shares "Diamond in the Frost." Twin-spins from UK's Dido and Ayla NereoNorthwest's Ayla Nereo (photo right) who was introduced last program.

The second-hour Chill Session brings forward tracks from Fringe Toast first-timers Passion Pit, Yvon Mounier, Monte la Rue as well as Death Cab for Cutie, John Gorka, and Daniel SpaleniakCLICK HERE FOR PLAYLIST.

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Read DJ Andy Bargerstock's review of the new compilation CD Cafe Del Mar Vol. 23 that was published in August issue of Iowa Source Magazine. Live link provided.

Justin JohnsonDaughter Camie Bargerstock joins DJ Andy B on this original program with 100% tracks never played before on Fringe Toast; see playlist link below. Acoustic and electric blues master, Justin Johnson (photo left) leads off this week's internet radio broadcast with tracks from his new album Drivin' It Down (2017). Later in the first hour, the spotlight shines on Alexi Murdoch (photo right), the UK Alexi Murdochsinger-songwriter who sounds eerily and wonderfully like the troubled UK songwriter Nick Drake who passed away at 26 in 1974 ("Pink Moon" song was used earlier in VW commercials. Spiritually-attuned Ayla Nereo offers her first tracks ever for Fringe Toast.

In the second-hour Chill Session, listen closely for new track from alt-J ("3WW), a twin-spin from Scott Woodruff's Stick Figure band, and delightful first-time contributors Nahko and Medicine from the People, Moon Boots, Don Peyote, Daniel Spaleniak, and (Sandy) Alex GClick here for playlist.

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Rebekah Del RioDJ Andy Bargerstock offers a full course of exotic music from off-the-beaten path including first-hour spotlight on Rebekah Del Rio (photo left; who sings on David Lynch's Twin Peaks show) and the rising young Serbian DJ producers Calavera & Manyu (photo right) with their blend of World House music.  Other first-hour contributors include Sarah Jarosz's new female trio called I'm With Her, Pieta Brown (with tracks from new CD), and John Mayer with track "In the Blood."

The second-hour Chill Session helps unwind the day with soothing, enticing tracks in a music set that includes these artists: Human Bell, The Human Experience, and Human. Other contributors include Blanco White, AURAH, and Jon Kennedy.Calavera & Manyu

CLICK HERE for Playlist.

Watch for DJ Andy's article on the new collection Cafe Del Mar Vol. 23 in the August issue of Iowa Source Magazine that describes artists who visit the famed nightclub on the island of Ibiza east of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. 

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Au revoir SimoneDUE TO TECHINICAL DIFFICULTIES LAST WEEK, this program will be an original LIVE program this week with DJ Andy Bargerstock.

Hot off their performances on David Lynch's Twin Peaks TV show, the female keyboard and vocal trio Au Revoir Simone (photo left) shares the Fringe Toast spotlight with rootsy Wooden Birds (CD cover below right).  In the first hour singer-songwriter Frally shares a three tracks from her library. The program begins with new blues track from Taj Mahal and Keb Mo.

The second-hour Chill Session pivots around 13-minute back-to-back tracks from French group Air ("La Femme D'Argent")Wooden Birds and UK electonica/blues duo Zero 7 ("Salt Water Sound"). Super toe-tapping, endorphine simmering Groove!

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Look for DJ Andy Bargerstock's music reviews every month in Iowa Source Magazine.

RuelleDJ Andy Bargerstock lays down another 100% new playlist program. This week, we celebrate the release of Cafe Del Mar #23, one of the longest running compilation series of music inspired by the nightclub of same name on the island of Ibiza off the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.  Listen for 5-song set late in first hour that will include tracks from White Elephant, Brian Eno, Zero 7, Biblio, and Télépopmusik (with Angela McCluskey photo right on vocals on "Just Angela McCluskeyBreathe" remix). Also, in first hour a twin-spin from the rising Alternative singer-songwriter Ruelle (photo left).  Click here for playlist.

In the epic second-hour Chill Zone, get ready for a fabulous journey into the ether led by international chill-out electronica and ambient tunes from Achillea, Deep & Wide, Perfume Genius, Special EFX, The Mellow, and Sex Mob.  It's the best music you never hear ... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM on Wednesday evenings at 8pm CT with replays on Saturday at 8am CT.  Spread the word and mark your calendar.

LORDEPLAYING LIVE THIS WEEK. Scheduled originally last week. DJ Andy Bargerstock offers 100% new playlist, tracks never played before on Fringe Toast!   The spotlight shines on LORDE's newly released CD and singer-songwriter (photo left), Julia Michaels (photo right).   Dawn & Hawkes lead off the program with Beatles cover song, "I've Just Seen a Face" that they introduced on "The Voice" TV singing competition. Other first-hour contributors include Amy MacDonald, Margaret Glaspy, Jake Bugg, and the rising talent Henry Jamison. Listen carefully for David LynchJulia Michaels "Twin Peaks" performers, the female trio Au Revoir Simone, an electro-pop dream band from Brooklyn, NY.

The second-hour Chill Session is where you will hear Julia Michaels, Swiss husband-wife duo AURAH, Peer Kusiv (Germany), London Grammar (UK), Alana Yorke (Canada), Velours Perfect (Denmark), and Chet Faker

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Morgan JamesDJ Andy Bargerstock shines the weekly spotlight on Fringe Toast first timer Morgan James (photo left) who leads off this program with a live version of Credence Clearwater's song "I've Got a Spell on You."   Later in the first hour Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer (photo right) offer special track "Dark, Dark Woods."

In the second-hour Chill Zone your ears will tingle with delight with tracks from Chet Faker, Alexi Murdoch, Syml and James Blunt.... plus a variety of down-tempo Dave McGraw & Mandy Ferelectro-cool tracks.  Listen closely for the rarely-heard 7-minute 1983 song "Worlds Away" by Strange Advance that should have been a classic.

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends to join the live stream on with original broadcast on Wednesday at 8pm CT and replays on Saturday at 8am CT.  It's the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU at 100.1 FM.

Read DJ Andy's music review on Alice Phoebe Lou from June issue of Iowa Source.

Weyes Blood(See link to playlist below). The FRINGE TOAST MUSIC spotlight shines in glowing manner on two up-and-coming artists Weyes Blood (left) and Alina Baraz (right) who demonstrate abundantly why so many are excited about the future of their musical creations. 

On this week's program, DJ Andy Bargerstock offers new FT first timers (in addition to the two ladies) John Gorka, Shannen Moser, Lucas Meyer, Jack Savoretti, Planet of Sound, The Analog Affair, and ARIZONA.Alina Baraz

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Watch for DJ Andy's article in Iowa Source Magazine in the June issue on the delightful young South African singer Alice Phoebe Lou who offers another fringe track on this program.  

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Alice Phoebe LouDJ Andy Bargerstock returns from beach time in South Carolina with another near 100% playlist of new tracks from off-the-beaten path.  The program begins with "Man on the Moon" by 23-year-old South African street musician Alice Phoebe Lou (photo left) who caused a sensation with her TedX performance with statements about environmental and social consciousness. Second spotlight illumines Sabrina Claudio (photo right), Miami-based half-Cuban, half-Puerto Sabrina ClaudioRican R&B singer-songwriter who offers her song "Orion's Belt."

Enjoy this splendid play list of extraordinary new musicians on the rise such as Electric Guest, Sarah Suskind, Ibeyi, Perfume Genius, and MISSIO.  Listen closely for twin-spins from Mia Doi Todd, Syml, and Blanco White.  Oh yes! This will be an endorphine rich ride.

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See DJ Andy's Summer Song list in the May issue of Iowa Source Magazine.

Sneaker PimpsLast week's Fringe Toast Retrospective Part 1 show created quite a stir. One listener characterized the experience as “hypnotic” and another said it was "other worldly in a really good way."  This week's Retrospective Part 2 entails yet another trance-inducing installment from brother Charlie’s favorites list. Spotlight shines on Kelli Ali lead singer for the Sneaker Pimps (photo left). Click here for complete playlist.

We start off with Roy Buchanan’s blues guitar "Sweet Dreams", followed by "Shut Your Eyes" by Snow Patrol (photo right) and "Low Times" by the School for Seven Bells. Then, comes the TV theme music from thesnow patrol BBC crime drama Luther which is Massive Attack's song "Paradise Circus".  And Greg Laswell offers his "Undone" used as a theme song for Friday Night Lights.   

We revisit "Wonderful Life" by DJ producer Carl Craig, and a marvelous  church organ-baritone sax piece "Good Places" with Beaver & Krause and jazz great Gerry Mulligan. In the Chill Zone second hour, prepare for the works of Brian Eno, Zero 7, the Egg and Magic Sound Fabric.  Many of these are destined to become classics in your music library.

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