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KaleidaDJ Andy Bargerstock lays down Part 2 of his best discoveries of new music from "off the beaten path" over the past 12 months.  In the first hour, the music genres cut across Alternative, Rock and Singer-songwriters.  The spotlight shines especially on these artists: James Vincent McMorrow, of Montreal (photo right), No Wyld, Glass Animals, Adia Victoria, Sia Furler and Tedeshi Trucks Band.  

In the second-hour CHILL SESSION the theme shifts to electro-acoustic styles htat produce positive brain wave chemistry. You will ride the endorphin train led by international artists including Sarah Jarosz, Mozez, Jasmin Thompson, Honeyroot, Band of Horses, Above & Beyond, Phosphorescent, Desert Dwellers, The Human Experience, and Emancipator.of Montreal

Major spotlight shines on Fringe Toast Music's 2016 Best New Group Award: Kaleida (photo above left), the female duo consisting of vocalist Christina Wood (in pink) and keyboard virtuoso Cicely Goulder.

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Adia VictoriaHear what's been kicking around in the head of DJ Andy Bargerstock during the past year.  Yes, this is year 10 of Fringe Toast Music!  On this Wednesday (10/5) and also on Wednesday, October 12, you will hear the very best tracks discovered in the past 50 weeks by our DJ.  Click here for playlist.

First hour will highlight singer-songwriters including The Wooden Birds, Moon Jake BuggTaxi, Amos Lee, Erykah Badu, Lina, Adia Victoria (photo left), Jake Bugg (photo right) and Laura Marling with Johnny Flynn

Second-hour Chill Zone drops in with marvelous electro-acoustic tracks from Stick Figure, Stupead, Rocket Empire, Bob Moses, Hot Steppa, Parov Stelar, Stavroz, and Japanese Wallpaper.   Oh, this will be so good; you don't want to miss it!

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Wooden BirdsDJ Andy Bargerstock returns with another original LIVE program with music from off the beaten path... nearly 100% tracks never played before on Fringe Toast.  First hour features alternative bands and singer-songwriters including Wooden Birds (photo left) and Gregory Alan Isakov (photo right).  Others gracing the stage in first half include bluesmaster Gary Moore, cigarbox guitar wizard Justin Johnson, former Pink Floyd lead man David Gilmour with new music.gregory alan isakov

The second-hour Chill Session features the exotic new project called The Normalities which is described as dance music stepping-out with some very interesting twists and shouts. Virtually no info on this new discovery. Electro-acoustic contributions come from Bonobo, Chris Zippel, and Hot Steppa

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of montreal

DJ Andy Bargerstock shines the spotlight on 2016 albums from experimental, electronic, psychedelic band named Of Montreal (photo top) with lead man Kevin Barnes and Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan (photo right). Nearly 100% new music never played before on Fringe Toast with first-timers that include No Wyld,lisa hannigan Dr. Wu, Adia Victoria, The Normalities, The Free Association, and Electronic Swing Orchestra.

Oh yes, the second hour Chill Zone music will transport you to interstellar regions where brain chemistry is brewed to produce alpha waves. Turn the lights down low and let the waves break over you in delight.

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Buffy St MarieDJ Andy Bargerstock takes us on a journey to the early 1970s (when he was doing college radio in Pennsylvania).  You will hear what Fringe Toast Music program might have sounded like in 1971 with reflections on tracks from '67-'71. You will hear exotic, rarely heard and sometimes forgotten tracks from way, way off the beaten path.  The spotlight shines on the entire playlist (click here) but with special kudos to Native American singer Buffy St. Marie (left) and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (album cover rigWest Coast Pop Art Exp Bandht). Buffy sings the haunting "Codine" telling the evils of drug addiction. WCPAEB drifts in with beautifully crafted "The Smell of Incense".

Imagine the list of bands in the Underground Music scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the era that some say was the most creative period in Western music history. In the second-hour CHill Session, your ears will delight with beautiful and surreal tracks from artists like Rodriguez, Paul Siebel, Sweetwater, Quill, Harvey Mandel, Blodwyn Pig, HP Lovecraft, and Tonto's Expanding Head Band.

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Christine and the QueensDiscover some of the best new music from first-half of 2016 with DJ Andy Bargerstock's "12 Songs for Summer" revealed in the August issue of Iowa Source Magazine.  Click here for article with details. Listen to entire list during the first hour with special attention on Kaleida (photo right) and Christine & the Queens (photo left). We addKaleida a 13th deserving song from Fairfield's own Society of Broken Souls

In the second-hour Chill Zone, you will hear some of the most exotic and serene international electro-acoustic artists never heard before on Fringe Toast including Röyksopp, Stavroz, Parra for Cuva, Hot Steppa, Holmes Ives, and Biomusique.  

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Christine and the Queens


On August 10th Fringe Toast program, DJ Andy Bargerstock shares a choice list of his favorite songs from off-the-beaten path that were released during the first six months of 2016.   Click here to read about the list taken from his article in the August 2016 Iowa Source Magazine where he is a music editor with a monthly column. AB's top song of the year so far is "Tilted (Bayonne Remix)" by French singer Christine and the Queens. (photo left)

Then, mark your calendar to hear this list played in the first hour on Wednesday, August 10 beginning at 8pm Central Time.  Discover why so many people say, "It's the best music you never hear ... unless your dialed to Fringe Toast Music on KRUU-FM."  Forward this link to your friends so they can share the fun!

weepies(See link to playlist below).  DJ Andy Bargerstock lays down another surreal journey through the outer edges of contemporary music.  In the first hour the spotlight shines on the husband-wife songwriting team known as The Weepies (photo left) and the exotic UK trip-hop band, Massive Attack featuring singer Azekel (photo right) from their new CD entitled Ritual Spirit (2016). First time artists include Chinese-American electronic composer/singer ZHU, Germany's DJ composer/producer St. Germain, Elouise, and Blind Pilot.

The extended Chill Session starts early this week with ethereal electro-acoustic tracks from Alex Sommers, Chris Zippel, Mind Soup, Desert Dwellers, Holmes & Ives, and Above & Beyond.  Strap in for a heavenly journey through the ozone..... with downtempo swoon effects designed to Azekelproduce blissful brain chemistry. Oh yeah!

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Neon HitchDJ Andy Bargerstock delivers another near 100% new track edition of Fringe Toast featuring UK electro-pop singer Neon Hitch (photo left) to launch the first hour and guitar instrumental band, The Perfect Circle (photo right) to spotlight the second hour Chill Session.  Singer-songwriter talents abound in the first half including FT first-timers Blue-Eyed Son, Grace, and Disclosure (featuring Hannah Reid's outstanding vocals).

In the Chill Zone second-half, you will experience a swirling swoon with internationnal contributors including Laya Project, Balanescu Quartet, Human Bell, Chris Zippel, and of course The Perfect Circle

Perfect Circle

whose mellow electro-acoustic guitarwork reminds us of the softer side of Wishbone Ash with their twin harmony guitars in the 1970s.

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends to join the live stream including a possible guest experience by Cameron who contributes the voice to many of the Fringe Toast spoken word bits. 

buddy guy(See link to playlist below). DJ Andy Bargerstock brings another LIVE 100% new tracks playlist to Fringe Toast Music.   Blues legend Buddy Guy (photo left) performs "Whiskey Ghost" as a preview to his live performance forthcoming in September 2016 at Fairfest in Fairfield, Iowa.  Summer Twins (photo right) takes the stage for the first time on FT with their retro 50s-60s stylized twin harmonies. Summer TwinsVividly lyrical US singer-songwriter Richard Shindell and Irish-Scottish band Snow Patrol offer twin-spins of their own during the first hour.

During the second-hour Chill Session, your ears will be thrilled by electro-acoustic tracks from Astronomyy, Justin Johnson, Claptone, Black Square, Radiohead, Psychic Ills and Digitonal.  The summer swoon continues with Fringe Toast Music offering the best tracks you never hear unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM.  Invite friends to join the live stream at  Click on LISTEN LIVE to connect through your music software.  

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