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wax poetic(Playlist linked below). In the final program of FRINGE TOAST MUSIC on KRUU-FM, DJ Andy Bargerstock presents his favorite 28 "off-beaten-path" tracks from 2010-2017.  Check in early to hear UK's Alt-J's song "Tessellate" followed by Chet Faker's "No Diggity." This playlist emerges from the best of the BEST of FRINGE TOAST annual fall Sarah Jaroszplaylists for the past 8 years. Expect female singer-songwriters to dominate the first hour, including Sissy Clemens with her band Wax Poetic (photo left), Laura Marling, Sarah Jarosz (photo right), Brooke Annibale, and Laura Veirs, Hannah Reid with London Grammar, and sister-act Lily & Madeleine who hail from Indianapolis, Indiana area.

In the second hour, as we slip into the Chill Zone, your ears will delight with the acoustic-electronica talents of bands such as Roommate (Chicago), AURAH (Switzerland), Flight Facilities (Australia), Peer Kusiv & Martin Jondo (Germany), Shy Girls (Los Angeles), and ending with "Le Ciel Este Triste" by the German electonic band Haldolium


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Laura MarlingIn this program, DJ Andy Bargerstock debutes his favorite tracks released during 2017.  None of these songs showed up on last October's BEST of FRINGE TOAST programs.  For a preview of the Top 10 tracks, read this article from the February 2018 Iowa Source Magazine. Oh, you don't want to miss this 30-track music program aired first on Valentine's Day evening (2/14) at 8pm CENTRAL with replay on Saturday morning (2/17) at 8am CT.  

Every song deserves the spotlight, but we choose Laura Marling (photo left) in the San Ferminfirst hour and San Fermin band (photo right) in the second hour as our poster images. 

As we wind down to the end of the KRUU-FM station experience at the end of this month, DJ Andy Bargerstock will continue as a source of good music from off-the-beaten-path. If you want to learn more about how to keep connected to Fringe Toast Music, send an email to: If you currently receive weekly email previews of his shows, you will continue to receive updates about Fringe Toast.

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Tina DicoDJ Andy Bargerstock completes his five-week journey documenting choice off-the-beaten-path tracks from the decades starting with the 1960s and culminating with this week's program. This playlist sparkles with two hours of the best Chill Zone tracks released during the decade 2000-2009. Click here for playlist.

How obscure are these beautiful tracks

Consider the following sample of artists: Velours Perfect (Denmark), Ror-Shak (Germany), One Eskimo (England), Zero 7 (UK), Alexi Cat PowerMurdoch (Scotland), The Knife (Sweden), Tina Dico (Denmark), Luluc (Australia), Harry Manx (Canada), and Loopa Scava (Greece). See images of Tina Dico (left) and Cat Power (right), both contributors to this week's playlist.

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Mark your calendar for Valentine's Day Feb. 14th to hear DJ Andy's special program recognizing the Best New Releases of 2017 Fringe Toast style. Read the Iowa Source article to discover the Top 10 tracks.

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Siouxsie and the BansheesDJ Andy Bargerstock continues with his documentation of a lifetime of searching for music from off-the-beaten-path. This program features 28 songs from the decade of the 1990s that produce endorphine enriching brain chemistry. The very very best of Fringe Music from that era!  In the first-hour you will savor delectible slices from a variety of international artists including Siouxsie & the Banshees (photo left), Mazzy Star (photo right), Air, One Dove, William Orbit, Bruce Cockburn, Guster, Martin Page, Ayub Ogada, and Laidback. The spotlight track shines Hope Sandoval - Mazzy Starcooly on "La Femme D'Argent" by French band Air from 1998.

In the second-hour Chill Zone Session, you will enjoy downtempo acoustic and electronica tracks from Human, Monsoon, Delerium, Single Gun Theory, Natural Calamity, Chris Cornell, Fireman, Geoffrey Oryema with Brian Eno, and Soma Sonic. The spotlight track for second hour is "Falling" by Canada's Soma Sonic.

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CLICK HERE for playlist. It's the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast Music®. Read DJ Andy's article (link here) in the February issue of Iowa Source Magazine about the Crispy Awards show on Feb. 14th.

Til TuesdayDJ Andy Bargerstock continues with his decade-span reflections.  This program highlights his favorite off-the-beaten-path music from the 1980s. In the first hour, you will hear tracks from New Wave artists such as Talk Talk, Machinations, The Smiths, and 'Til Tuesday featuring lead singer-songwriter Aimee Mann (photo left).

In the second-hour Chill Session, be prepared for sonic pleasures from Roxy Music, Suzanne Vega, model and singer Grace JonesGrace Jones (photo right), Dead Can Dance, Torch Song, and Strange Advance with their epic ethereal song "Worlds Away."

Click here for playlist. Fringe Toast Music offers the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM.

Mark your calendar for Wed. Jan. 31 for the next program of fringe music from the 1990s decade.

Share Valentine's Day on Wednesday February 14th with DJ Andy's 2017 Annual Crispy Awards with his favorite best new releases from last year.

David CrosbyDJ Andy Bargerstock offers a spectacular playlist of music from off-the-beaten path '70s style. Among the first-hour performers are Paul Siebel, Dave Mason, Brian Protheroe, Rodriguez, Elvin Bishop, Savoy Brown and John Renbourn. The second-hour Chill Zone includes rare tracks from Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane and a similar-sounding band Sweetwater, Ten Year's After from the LP A Space in Time, Hawkwind, Brian Eno, Robin Trower, Klaatu, and Captain Beyond.

Perhaps, the most inspiring song of the program is David Crosby's "Laughing" (photo right) from his LP If I Could Only Remember My Name featuring Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia delivering a heart-twisting lament on pedal steel guitar. The song recounts Crosby's search for "the man who knows the truth" about life.

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Pink Floyd(See Revised Updated and Improved Playlist Link). Transport yourself to the late 1960s. You find yourself listening to a late-night, obscure Underground FM radio station laying down music from off-the-beatnik path.  DJ Andy Bargerstock shares what a FRINGE TOAST MUSIC radio show might have sounded like back then. Tracks pulled from his personal collection include artists/bands like Native American singer Buffy Sainte-Marie, rare Pink Floyd (photo left), John Martyn, King Crimson, Fairport Convention, and Pentangle (photo right).Pentangle

In the second-hour, explore the outer edges of your mind with epic tracks including Joe Byrd & the Field Hippies, Rolling Stones' 1968 wonderful oddity "2000 Light Years from Home", Tonto's Expanding Head Band's electronic Indian synthesizer classic "Riversong", Pink Floyd's "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", Blood Sweat & Tears' "Variations on a Theme by Erik Satie," and Paul Horn's "Agra" from the LP Inside the Taj Mahal.  This will be a magic carpet ride!

Click here for playlist. Mark your calendar and experience the rare space of '60s FRINGE TOAST STYLE via live streaming on or at KRUU 100.1 FM in Fairfield, Iowa.

Camila Cabello20 year-old Camila Cabello (photo left) and Lily Kershaw (photo right) help DJ Andy Bargerstock bring in the new year by anchoring first and second hours (respectively) of this week's program with music from off-the-beaten path that deserves to be mainstream. After Camila's program opening song "Havana" featuring Young Thug, both Pentangle and Brown Bird subsequently offer twin-spins. Listen closely for The Brother Brothers (who played recently at Cafe Paradiso in Fairfield) and songs from the band, Darlingside, and singer/instrumentalist savant Rhiannon Giddens.

In the second-hour Lily Kershaw (photo below) collaborates with SYML on an English-French version of "Where's My Love" and then SYML goes solo on "Fear of the Water." The rest of the second-hour Chill Session features the New Zealand band Fat Freddy's Drop and Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie. Bask in the swoon of the final 25 minutes with soft bluesy drifting jazz improvisations with the UK Lily Kershaw1970s band Soft Machine.

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Mark your calendar for DJ Andy Bargerstock's 2017 Crispy Award-winning tracks to be played on Wed., Feb. 14th (Valentine's Day) at 8pm CT with replay on Sat., Feb. 17th in the morning at 8am CT.  This playlist of 31 songs represents DJ Andy's favorite new releases from 2017. You don't want to miss this epic program.

Justin JohnsonEarly in the first hour, watch (and listen) for the bold spotlight on DJ Andy's interview with Justin Johnson (photo left) with music tracks from his new CD If Walls Could Talk. This sparkling instrumental virtuoso plays heritage cigarbox banjos and guitars, some of which have never been before been recorded. Tune in early! Read music review on Justin from the Fringe Toast Music column published in Iowa Source Magazine in May 2016.

DJ Andy Bargerstock unveils another LIVE program of 100% rarely-played-on Fringe Toast tracks featuring first-hour contributions from French DJ electronica master Møme, French band Erevan TuskColter Wall, Michael Penn (brother of filmmaker Sean Penn), and Ibis-masked DJ Claptone (photo right).  Listen closely for first-time tracks from Howe Gelb, The Oh Hellos, and Maribou State.Claptone

The second-hour Chill Zone is anchored by N*Grandjean, Japanese Wallpaper, Steven Wilson, both solo and with his band Porcupine Tree, and Fairfield's own James Dean Claitor who provides a twin-spin from his incredibly abundant music library.   Click here for playlist. This program was originally aired 12/7/16.

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Norah Jones(Note: Playlist linked below). Fabulous blend of epic Fringe Toast classics and new tracks from contemporary artists.  DJ Andy Bargerstock lays down another program of great music from off-the-beaten path. The ladies garner the first-hour spotlight. Norah Jones (photo left) shares tracks rarely heard from her albums. Austin-based Sarah Jarosz (photo right), the new grass Indie composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and overall wonderkind offers the track "My Muse" followed by 1969 Underground Music track "Moonsong : Pelog" by Joe Bryd and the Field Hippies.  Yeah really!  Listen closely for tracks from Sarah JaroszChristina Perri and Gregory Alan Isakov.

In the second-hour Chill Zone, prepare to hear the UK electronic composer and producer William Orbit in his collaboration with singer-songwriter Beth Orton with the exotic "Water from a Vine Leaf".  Stay alert the chill electronica set featuring Jai Uttal and Buddha Sound along with Ian Moore's "Black-eyed Dog" and Sebastien Tellier's "Curiosa."

Enjoy this playlist. Invite friends to join the live stream at on Wednesday at 8pm CT and Saturday mornings at 8am CT. Click on "Listen Live".  Fringe Toast offers the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM. 

Read DJ Andy's music review of Canada's Barr Brothers from December issue of Iowa Source magazine.