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Rekha Basu & Matt Dalio on Speaking Freely with Dennis Raimondi

Ms. Rekha Basu has been a columnist for The Des Moines Register since 1991. She comments on a range of local, national, and international issues with a focus on human rights, racial justice and gender equality. Ms. Basu was awarded an honary doctorate from Grinnell College and was named one of Des Moines Business Record's Women of Influence.

Mr. Matt Dalio is the Founder, CEO, and Chief of Product for the company Endless. His company plans on bringing a low-cost computer to emerging nations. Mr. Dalio was recently featured in a an article published in USA Today.

Senator Barack Obama visited Fairfield July 3rd. Before his public address from the townsquare which was broadcast live on CSPAN, he granted an exclusive interview to KRUU-FM. To watch a video of KRUU's interview with Senator Obama, click here.
Obama in Fairfield
That interview will be featured on Speaking Freely with Dennis Raimondi Tuesday July 10th at 1pm.
Keep it tuned to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM 'The Voice of Fairfield' for presidential primary coverage. We have our feelers out for the White House hopefuls from both parties.
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Fairfield native Ari Berman is based in Washington DC and writes for The Nation.