Former Congressman Jim Leach
1pm - Former Congressman Jim Leach

Jim Leach, a Representative from Iowa; born in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, October 15, 1942; attended the public schools of Davenport, Iowa; B.A., Princeton University, Princeton. N.J., 1964; M.A., School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D.C., 1966; London School of Economics, 1966-1968; staff, United States Representative Donald Rumsfeld of Illinois,
1965-1966; foreign service officer, United States Department of State, 1968-1969; special assistant to director, Office of Economic Opportunity, 1969-1970; member, Delegation to Geneva Disarmament Conference and United Nations General Assembly, 1971-1972; business executive; United Nations Conference on Natural Resources, 1975; member, United States Advisory Commission on International Education and Cultural Affairs, 1975; director, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, 1975-1976; delegate, Iowa State Republican conventions 1974, 1976; elected as a Republican to the Ninety-fifth and to the fourteen succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1977-January 3, 2007); chair, Committee on Banking and Financial Services (One Hundred Fourth through One Hundred Sixth Congresses). Unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the 110th Congress in 2006.

1:30pm - Jack Garcia

Joaquin "Jack" Garcia is considered by his peers and leading FBI experts to be the most successful undercover agent in the history of the Bureau. In his 26 years of service with the FBI, Garcia is best known for his undercover role as "Jack Falcone," a self-described Sicilian jewel thief and drug dealer from Miami, Florida, who penetrated the Gambino crime family of La Cosa Nostra in New York for nearly three years. The case resulted in the arrest and conviction of 32 mobsters, including the top members of the Post John Gotti Gambino crime family. Garcia, played his undercover role so convincingly that he was even proposed for membership into La Cosa Nostra.

Garcia's history as an undercover Agent is far more extensive than that. He is also renowned for his roles in successful cases against corrupt politicians in Atlantic City, New Jersey; corrupt police officers in Hollywood, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has also worked undercover against hundreds of drug dealers and leaders of both Colombian and Mexican drug cartels,
while posing as either a money launderer, transporter or trafficker. He has done undercover work on National and International terrorism cases as well as National Security investigations.
Garcia has also worked undercover against Russian and Asian organized crime groups. Most remarkably, Garcia worked on many of these cases simultaneously, as he juggled his various undercover identities and roles. Garcia successfully managed to work as an undercover FBI Agent for 24 out of his 26 years of service without detection.
After his 2006 retirement from the Bureau, Garcia and several retired FBI Executives founded SHG Intelligence Services. SHG provides worldwide security consulting and training services. In addition, Jack Garcia is a fluent Spanish speaker and member of the FBI Agents Association, the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and the NYPD Honor Legion. Garcia has also lectured at the FBI Academy on Sensitive Operations and Undercover Agent Training.

1pm - U.S. Congressman Ron Paul

Texas Congressman Dr. Ron PaulDr. Ron Paul was first elected to Congress in 1976. For more than two decades, Dr. Paul has advocated the abolishment of income taxes and cutting the size and power of the federal government.

In 1988, Dr. Paul was the Libertarian Party nominee for the U.S. Presidency. On November 5, 1996, Dr. Paul was re-elected to Congress by the people of the 14th Congressional District. He serves on the House of Representatives' Financial Services Committee and the International Relations Committee. On the Financial Services Committee, he is the vice-chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee.
Dr. Paul has written numerous books, including Challenge to Liberty and The Case for Gold. He has been a distinguished counselor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute and, as a physician, has delivered more than 4,000 babies in his obstetrics/gynecological practice.

1:30pm - Marc Freeman

For over a decade, Marc has been a consultant on strategy, sales and marketing, product development, product sourcing, and importing. After renegotiating over $100 million in contracts for Global Link, he created Marc Freeman and Associates in 2001, specializing in renegotiating contracts and consulting. With 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Marc provides management training, executive coaching, and CEO mentoring. Marc’s message is simple: “It’s not business, it’s personal.”

Marc has been happily married for three years and is the proud father of three grown children.

This week’s show broadcast on Tuesday August 7 at 1:00 pm CST and rebroadcast on Thursday August 9 at 8:00am CST.

This week on Open Views, I speak with a group involved with bringing transparency and visibility into American politics.

Bill Allison, Greg Elin from SunlightFoundation.orgThe Sunlight Foundation was founded in January 2006 with the goal of using the revolutionary power of the Internet and new information technology to enable citizens to learn more about what Congress and their elected representatives are doing, and thus help reduce corruption, ensure greater transparency and accountability by government, and foster public trust in the vital institutions of democracy.

Bill Ellisison is Senior Fellow at the Sunlight foundation, and a veteran investigative reporter. Greg Elin is the chief data architect at Sunlight Labs, the technology wing of the Sunlight Foundation.

Join me at 7pm Tuesday and 7am Thursday for a conversation about transparent politics and the Sunlight Foundation's work.

Ari Berman
Ari Berman discusses Iraq, immigration and the latest happenings out of the nation's capitol with Planet Erstwild's James Moore.
Ari Berman is a contributing writer for The Nation, Puffin Foundation writing fellow at the Nation Institute, Fairfield native and has appeared on C-Span, MSNBC and FOX as a political analyst.

Congressman Ron Paul

This interview is now available for download or stream at our Audio link (on the left menu). 

On Friday April 13th, an interview with Congressman Ron Paul of Texas (R) will be aired on Planet Erstwild at 4pm. Paul, who is running for president, will be interviewed by guest host Clyde Cleveland, who himself ran for governor of Iowa as the Libertarian Party candidate in 2002. Reason Magazine interviewed Paul about his presidential bid earlier this year. Asked what issues he would emphasize, Paul responded:

"Everything I’ve talked about for twenty years! I think the biggest thing for Republican primary voters is that most Republicans are turned off right now. They’ve had a beating and are reassessing their values. They have to decide what they believe in. The Republican Party has become about big government conservatism, and Republicans need to hear the message they used to hear: that conservatives are supposed to be for small government."

Join host James Moore for a wide-ranging show today that will feature co-host Stuart Tanner joining in from England.

There will be a brief interview with former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose wife Valerie Plame appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform this past week. She was scheduled to appear at the IMU Ballroom In Iowa CIty at 7:30pm on Monday March 26th but has been advised against it on legal grounds. Her husband will replace her as speaker for the event. He held a press junket yesterday. James and a number of other newspeople asked questions.

Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson

At 3pm, Tanner and Moore will interview Ms. Kirsten Gagnaire who is Vice Chair of Social Enterprise Alliance and Principal, Social Enterprise Group. She has a broad background in developing and assessing social enterprise business models in all sectors. 

BBC Filmmaker Stuart Tanner

BBC Filmmaker Stuart Tanner will discuss global events with Planet Erstwild's James Moore today.

Tanner and Moore will interview Giovanni Ciarlo of the Global Ecovillage Network who is presently at the network's ecovillage in Mexico--Ecoaldea Huehuecoyotl.

This topic was introduced to KRUU listeners on Planet Erstwild by Tanner and Moore on February 16, 2006. The archive is available for streaming or downloading on the website.

This will be Tanner's last in-studio appearance for some time as he will be returning to England on Tuesday. Stuart will continue to offer his insights and commentary from overseas each week and promises to keep us informed as his next documentary film project unfolds.