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Today, I gave an overview presentation of the technology that runs KRUU to the great radio production class over at MUM. Handout/slide is attached and shows a listing of most of the software that we use to run KRUU.

Click here for a copy of the presentation:

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth
Ubuntu 'reaping Linux dividend'

By Darren Waters/Technology editor, BBC News website

Click on the picture to link to yesterday's BBC feature on Mark Shuttleworth, who was interviewed by Open Views' host Sundar Raman in 2006.

Ubuntu signed the first major open source deal with Dell Computers in May, 2007 for installing its operating system in laptop and desktop models.

Your grassroots radio station, KRUU-FM, is one of seven case studies on Ubuntu's website highlighting the versatile operating system's applied value.

100.1 FM 'The Voice of Fairfield, Iowa... and Beyond'
Mysterious yet joyful and celebratory as well, the close harmonies of the Eastern European women's vocal music ensemble, Kitka, provide a moving and deeply satisfying listening experience.

features eighteen earthy and ethereal Balkan and Slavic folksongs including Kitka fan favorites such as "Shto Mi E Milo," "Dumai Zlato," "Tsintsharo," and "Hopp Ide Tiszt-n."
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Joerg Huettner founded "Saros" back in 1998 together with DJ Jan Osh as a Goa/Ambient project.

After 8 months of work they already had their first live gig in front of an enthusiastic crowd in December of the same year.

In 1999 first CD compilation releases followed on the German based label "Zoomia".

After Joerg relocated in 1999 he went on solo with "Saros", focusing more and more on ambient and downbeat tracks.

During this time the first album "reaching out to the other world" was released solely on MP3 websites --including and garnering many of rave reviews.

In 2001 and 2002 further CD compilation releases followed on "Waldorf Records", the label of the world famous Germany synth company Waldorf, as well as on Ceiba Records, USA, in 2003.