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Keith Richards, Wolf Alice, Caleb Hawley & Ryan Adams


Wolf Alice's Ellie RowsellCaleb Hawley

Ryan Adams does Taylor

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Ari Berman, Jeffrey Hedquist, Julia Ross & Scott Morris Featured

Today at 2:05pm, we feature an interview with singer/songwriter/communications' Jeffrey Hedquistmaestro Jeffrey Hedquist. Jeffrey performs at this Saturday's Farmers Market at Howard Park from 10am-noon. He performs as well as talks about his Ari Bermanmusical career, his family, his professional life at Hedquist Productions and much more.

At 3:30pm, James catches up with political commentator Ari Berman. Ari writes for The Nation, America's oldest political publication, and is author of HERDING DONKEYS. He was also host of Politickin' with Ari Berman on solar-powered KRUU-FM for the run up to the 2008 presidential primaries. Follow him on Twitter at @AriBerman.

At 4pm, James talks with Julia Ross about The Beauty Shop's new project called DIY Video. Learn all about how you can participate. At 4:30pm, Scott Morris talks about the Hometown Hero Rewards beta program--where it's at and where it's going.

  Now let us hear what Lord Octo has to offer the air waves this Saturday September 11, 2010 at 5-6 pm central time. Yes folks that's right it's some good time rock -n- roll. So what if you might still miss some one just rootie tootie on over to Memphis and let lucille know your going to break those chains of Love. No you ain't superstitious that's just lovin' your baby. So get wooly with your bully become that sixty minute man and let out your indian love call for your rock -n- roll Rubby becuase Bo DIddley told you so. Always remember If no one loves you Lord Octo always does.

Francis Thicke

State Senator Becky Schmitz


James Moore will get his weekly report from Iowa State Senator Becky Schmitz at 2:30pm. He speaks with Radiance Dairy farmer Francis Thicke at 3pm. Thicke is currently in the process of forming an exploratory committee to consider a run for the office of Iowa's Agricultural Secretary.

At 4:15, Temba Spirit will share about next weekend's Circle of Compassion benefit concert at the Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts for the Lakota tribes. The event is April 10th at 7:30pm and will be hosted by Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy.

Larry GarnerOn Planet Erstwild, James interviews some amazing people:

2pm- Baton Rouge-based bluesman extraordinaire Larry GarnerStuart Tanner who is playing the Morning Star Friday April 18.

3pm- BBC filmmaker Stuart Tanner, a KRUU-FM featured host, who's been working in Iraq and is due back for several weeks in May to teach a film class at the university.

Mac Jr, Oceana & Mac Gayden of Zenphonic
4pm- Oceana & Mac Gayden, who along with Mac Gayden Jr are bringing their 7-piece jam band Zenphonic for the David Lynch weekend. They'll be at the Morning Star Saturday night April 26 following the Moby/Donovan concert.

Woodstock Hog Farm Bus w/ Campbell Hair on roofAt 2pm, James talks with Campbell Hair, who grew up in Brooklyn, was part of the Hog Farm, a Ken Kesey Merry Pranksters-inspired group, and a roadie for 17 years from Woodstock on, traveling with Bruce Springsteen, Abba and Billy Joel among others.

3pm, it's Captain Jonathan Freeman, an active-duty Army officer who has served two tours of duty in Iraq, phoning in from the East Coast. His recent Op-Ed in the Des Moines Register, "View on the War: With This Nation Not 'All In,' Then It's Time to Get 'All Out.'"

At 4pm, Dr. Jim Fleming will join James in the studio to discuss his work and observations treating US soldiers returning from Iraq. He is a psychiatrist presently living in Kansas City.


George Bush, the self-proclaimed war president, is hailing a "major shift" in Iraq. He says his surge is a success but not enough of a success to successfully further withdraw troops.

Chief Arvol Looking HorsePlanet Erstwild will feature a bouquet of interesting topics this Friday including a live in studio interview with visiting Lakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse, his wife Paula Horne and their son, Ca'-Ton Zepheir, who resides in Fairfield. He will be giving a presentation at the Civic Center 2pm Saturday December 29th.

When Arvol was twelve years old, he was designated as the 19th Generation Keeper of the Tradition of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. People of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Sioux Nation believe White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to the tribes hundreds of years ago, bringing instruction in sacred ceremonies of how to live in balance with all life, and leaving behind a sacred bundle containing a sacred pipe of peace. The 1994 birth of a white buffalo calf is believed to have been the sign that these times were now at hand.


Joe Zawinul (1932-2007)
The first hour of Planet Erstwild will be devoted to jazz legend Joe Zawinul, who passed away Sept 11th at the age of 75 in his native Vienna.
Co-founder of seminal jazz/fusion band Weather Report, Zawinul also played with and wrote for such jazz luminaries as Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly and Wayne Shorter.
Second hour will be a discussion of world events and beyond, with a focus on Iraq.
Third hour is anyone's guess! Stay tuned for another installment of Planet Erstwild with James Moore.

Major General Jonathan Scott GrationJames Moore's interview with retired Major General Jonathon Scott Gration will air at 2:30pm on Planet Erstwild. The 2-Star General was the Director of Strategy, Policy, and Assessments of the United States European Command in Germany.

General Gration was raised in Africa and entered the Air Force in 1974 through the Air Force ROTC program at Rutgers University. He served as a White House Fellow, operations group commander and two-time wing commander. The general served as Director of Regional Affairs in the Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of the Air Force for International Affairs.

General Gration served as the Commander of Task Force West during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His aerial combat experience includes almost a thousand hours of combat time with 274 combat missions over Iraq. He is currently on a veterans tour of southeast Iowa in support of Senator Barack Obama. He was in Fairfield yesterday.

At 3pm, James will discuss world events with BBC filmmaker Stuart Tanner from his home in Oxford, England.

BBC Filmmaker Stuart Tanner

BBC Filmmaker Stuart Tanner will discuss global events with Planet Erstwild's James Moore today.

Tanner and Moore will interview Giovanni Ciarlo of the Global Ecovillage Network who is presently at the network's ecovillage in Mexico--Ecoaldea Huehuecoyotl.

This topic was introduced to KRUU listeners on Planet Erstwild by Tanner and Moore on February 16, 2006. The archive is available for streaming or downloading on the website.

This will be Tanner's last in-studio appearance for some time as he will be returning to England on Tuesday. Stuart will continue to offer his insights and commentary from overseas each week and promises to keep us informed as his next documentary film project unfolds.