Today on Movers & Shakers we are going to explore some 110 bpm bass music called moombahcore and 128 bpm Electro.

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Kat Parsons Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 6/26!

Kat ParsonsSomething's wrong, I can tell
And what you don't say
Is a silent farewell
~ Talk to Me, Kat Parsons

Born in Vienna, based in Los Angeles and with tour credits across the US and Europe, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Brunei, Australia, Singapore, Borneo, Vietnam, and Japan, one listen to Kat Parsons' upbeat and intelligent pop, and it's easy to see why she has had such international success.

Her breathy, sweet vocals and catchy hooks draw in even the most casual listener, and the introspective lyrics hold discerning ears longer than the latest disposable, manufactured hit.

Tune in Tues from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of music by women! Interview with Kat at 9:30.


cinnecitaA superb collection bringing together tunes from 60's and 70's vintage and modern italian's cinematic shake, jazzy lounge, sitar-beat, hammond-a-go-go and flute loops. Includes a compilation of sexy tunes by various "mondo" movies.

The songs go from wild and jazzy numbers to cool and exotic including a great set of lush, wild, mysterious and fun big band jazz tunes from the soundtracks of various sex/striptease movies such as Tropico di Notte, Sexy ad Alta Tensione, Mondo Caldo di Notte and Sexy World.

How could anyone not check this out. Wed June 13, 2-3 PM.

This week on Ear Fillers...

Red Car

The "Billboard Hot 100" #1 hits from 1982 and 1983.


(Except for Lionel and Bowie, for whom no suitable substition can be found.)

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Jeanne Marie Boes Featured Artist on Lyrical Venus 5/1

Jeanne Marie BoesSame old situation
No new insight or surprise
Same old complications,
Once again, here's pretty lies
~ Seasoned Heart, Jeanne Marie Boes

Like an actress changing costumes between scenes, New York singer-songwriter Jeanne Marie Boes slips comfortably between vocal stylings, one moment she's a lounge singer beyond her years and the next she's a smoky pop diva.  But whether she's backed by a baby grand or a synthsizer, the passionate emotion behind her songs of love and heartbreak shines through.

Tune in Tuesday, April 24th at 9am central for a feature set of music by Jeanne Marie, followed by plenty more great music by women! Check for a written interview with Jeanne Marie.

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Bang the Box with DJ Rin








(SUNDAYS at 0 o'clock)

clark"America's oldest teenager" has died at the age of 82. Dick Clark, a savvy television entrepreneur who hosted the famed American Bandstand show for 30 years 1957-87, produced and created the American Music Awards, Game shows, comedy specials, children’s and reality programming, will not soon be forgotton.

Although I never quite felt the same good feeling about him due to his rude and negative interchange with Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine, all aside, Mr. Clark's influence on Rock n' Roll was immense introducing us to upcoming music legends from James Brown onward. Growing up I always felt good seeing him on TV with his warm personality and that was special enough.

This week I'll play a handful of tunes by artists made famous on American Bandstand as well as the some time honored Crime Themed mood music and more. Wed April 25th 2-3 pm.

On tap this week great new music from Pieta Brown and Jason Spooner. First up, Peita and her new album Mercury (left), a sublime blend of folk, country and blues that will warm your heart and chill you out at the same time. (NOTE: Pieta will be doing a live interview on next weeks show)  Jason Spooner is an amazing guitarist anJason Spoonerd singer-songwriter who blends folk,rock, pop and jazz influences into a scintillating mix of the sweetest, foot tapping music you'll find anwywhere. His newest album Sea Monster (see right) is a stunner. He was a finalist in the 2011 Rocky Mountain Songwriting Contest and he brings energy and originality to every song. We'll also feature our usual line up of mouthwatering old favorites like Graham Nash, James Taylor, Norah Jones, Anais Mitchell, and Edie Brickell plus ear candy from folks you probably haven't heard like Darrell Scott, Eilen Jewel, Hayes Carll, Brooke Miller, Sahara Smith and more!

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Omnia: Featured Artist on Lyrical Venus - Tues 3/27!

OmniaWhat if we took back our place
In this dying human race
What if we stood side by side
To change the world with our grace?
~ Grace, Omnia

While many young women her age are singing about parties and boyfriends over the same beats as everyone else, New York singer-songwriter Omnia tackles weightier world issues head-on with grace and passion.  Combining modern pop styles with the rich flavors of her Mediterranean heritage, the East-meets-West result is fresh, engaging music with a message of empowerment.

Tune in Tuesday, March 27th at 9am central for a feature set of music by Omnia, followed by plenty more great music by women! Check for a written interview with Omnia.