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Showcasing Piero Piccioni - Crime Themed Mood Music Extraordinaire

picPiero Piccioni was one of Italy's most prolific andpic creative film composers. Inventive, futuristic Jazz for Science-Fiction, moody orchestration and Funk for gangster movies and political thrillers and serious B-3 boogie and wah-wah groovers for oddball sexcapades; no genre was beyond his range.

He incorporates jazz, mystery-adventure thrills, and avant-garde elements into his wide variety of work which has been the sonic backdrop for everything from B horror films to lush, romantic epics.

Take a trip back to the wild and hip swinging days of the 60's & 70's that sound as modern today as ever! Wed March 13, 2-3PM.

Sonic Adventure 2 Logo. This week on Videogame Audio, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the music of Sega Dreamcast hit title Sonic Adventure 2, as well as the beautiful music of the Epic Battle Fantasy flash game series. Friday at 9:00 AM, don't miss it!

Hello world! Dirk here.  Thinking about you, your ears and the show Monday afternoon.  What will I play?  Got some ideas, but depending on how things play out, we shall all find out as one at 4 o'clock.  Hope you enjoyed the show last week, started out a bit rough with some technical errors but I am learning the ropes quickly.  What I can guarantee is a little Ravi Shankar.  Things should be spicy!  Hope your monday goes smooth and thank you for tuning in!


Goodness I have some GRRRRRREAT music for you and your friends!

It's time for the newest addition to ECLECTIC AUDIOPHILE. 

Here's a song from this weekend's show... 


Love to you all!

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    Nov 28
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Anchors Aweigh on Lyrical Venus!

Heather MillerGonna throw my anchor down
Gonna hold my head up high
Gonna claim this brave new world
In the name of you and I
Anchor ~ Heather Miller

Oh hey! It's yours truly, DJ Hum with my own CD now! Officially releasing to the world on Friday!

In May 2011, Fairfield singer-songwriter Heather Miller followed her musical calling all the way to Austin, Texas to study with mentor and producer Daniel Barrett at Rubicon Recording Studios. Daniel’s Rubicon Year program, which offers intensive study and goal-oriented mentoring in writing, musicianship, performing, and recording, allowed Heather to dive deep into the creative process and examine her relationship to it from every angle.

One year, 157 open mic performances, and a successful Kickstarter campaign later, Heather is back home in Fairfield and excited to celebrate the completion of her project with a five-song debut EP. Called Anchor, the album is an inspiring collection of catchy, rootsy, melodic songs, drawing their stories from love and life, doubts and dreams.

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    Nov 28
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Highlighting The Incomparable Julie London

julieThis weeks show focuses on one great female vocalist. There's Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Anita O'Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, AND then there's the one and only JULIE LONDON. This sultry, seductive smoky-voiced "master of understatement" enjoyed considerable popularity during the cool era of thejulie 2 1950's.

A collection from some of her best swinging and blues tracks will be showcased. If you haven't listened to her intimate vocal style in a while, tune in Wed November 28, 2 PM and be swept away by the one and only Julie London!


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    Nov 17
    12:00 pm -
    1:00 pm


It feels good to be back! 

I did a two month stay in the mountains of Northern California. It was so beautiful!

I forgot how good a bed with a thick comforter feels on a cold day!

Here is my newest show ready for the listen! 

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the best year of music

it's a common discussion among music affecionados--1968no, it's frequently an argument: what was the best overall year for music? old timers (and their children) fondly remember the music of the late sixties and early seventies. the beatles, stones, led zeppelin, jazz-rock, psychedelic...the music was exploding, and creativity was oozing. (it was a violent and sticky time)

1992 but maybe the era which saw the rise of grunge, took rap to a new level, the end of hair bands, and created a whole new wave of hard metal and electronic sounds, deserves some consideration.

since it's election time, it's time for you to vote. what was the best musical year? read on...



DJ G.Rod and La Nueva Hora Latina will be interviewing WIDY, the hottest new Latin artist from Barranquilla, Colombia.

Be sure to tune in on KRUU LP FM 100.1 La Voz de Fairfield Iowa Monday 7-8PM Central, 8-9 ES. Listen online at, escuchen la entrevista en vivo en la pagina

Widy's Facebook profile:

Widy's website:

Todays show I'm gonna be mixing up a different dance cocktail with the best dance tunes from 50's and 60's. Get ready to do the jerk, mash potato and twist! Bumpin my fav dance tracks that are at the root of dance music today (that's right even that crazy dubstep draws a heavy influence from rock'n roll and blues). Shout out to the oldies but goodies!!