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Singer-songwriter Kait BerreckmanWell I guess I stole his heart
Cause when I got into his car
he asked me how do you feel?
And I said, I'm a theif not a liar
I'd rather just keep my mouth shut
~ Kait Berreckman, Theif

I can't remember if it was first on the open stage or around one of the song circles that Kait Berreckman first wowed me out at Rocky Mountain Song School in Colorado, but boy did she ever! I loved the way she told her stories through songs - simple little jewels that cut through with flashes of sharp insight into human nature.

A native of Nebraska, Kait is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and playing at local venues like Club Passim where she recorded her newly released live EP called Without A Bullet.

Jessie Murphy - In The WoodsThis Tuesday on Lyrical Venus we'll have a double-header with interviews from two fabulous and completely different bands calling in from both coasts!

First we'll have Jessie Murphy - In The Woods calling in from New York City. The trio combines indie pop with dark humor and classical sensibilities. They have been described as "Vampire Seeing BlindWeekend meets Neko Case meets The Carter Family at a salon hosted jointly by Stevie Nicks and Emily Dickinson."

After that we'll hear from Seeing Blind, the Indie Alt-Rock group from Seattle. Seeing Blind also incorporates classical instruments in their music in fresh and unexpected ways! Comparisons to Zappa, Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, and Ani DiFranco have been made in an attempt to describe Seeing Blind's unique style of music.

Tune in from 9-10 am this Tuesday to hear from both of these amazing bands!

Wendy WallThere's a quiet and a still
It's nothing like you've ever seen
The way they lights cast on the hill
The light I'm seeing in a dream

~ Road to Paradise, Wendy Wall

The first thing that hits you on listening to Wendy Wall's music is her voice - rich and textured like a tapestry.  But if you keep listening you realize that the words are as beautifully woven as the vocal elements. Wendy's new album Road to Paradise charts a course full of "heartbreak, inner demons, deferred dreams and the sometimes seemingly unforgiving terms of life as an artist" in a way that pulls out the the lessons learned and emphasizes the transformations, in a way that everyone can relate.

Tune in Tuesday for an interview with Wendy!  The usual great dose of songs by female singer-songwriters starts at 9 am and the interview at 9:30.

Singer-Songwriter Lori Diamond
New England singer-songwriter Lori Diamond has just released her second album.  The songs on lush, piano-based Mystery speak of love, loss, gratitude and other facets of the human experience.  Her crystal clear voice and sparkling piano work also live up to her name!

Join me for an interview with Lori, plus a short set of Celtic music by female singer-songwriters in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

The Lyrical Venus Radio Hour 9-10am Central Tuesday Morning!  (Interview at 9:10)

Beaucoup ShaktiBeaucoup Shakti (Boo-Coo/ Shock-Tee) is Fairfield's newest musical ensemble and we'll get to hear from them live in the studio on Lyrical Venus this Tuesday! Beaucoup Shakti means "lots of creative energy/life force" and they are aptly named. With singer-songwriter Sharon Bousquet, multi-instrumentalist Eric Hurlin and vocalist Heather Love as the core members, this group sure packs a punch! (Vocalist Gemma Cohen often adds her beautiful harmonies to the mix.)

Tune in Tuesday at 9am for a taste, plus a few new tracks from more of the amazing gals I met out at Planet Bluegrass.