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Sarah SampleWhen they lay me down in a box
Please sail me out to sea
I’ve spent all my life being tied to this land
Please don’t bury me.
~ Don't Bury Me, Sarah Sample

Like an angelfood cake soaked in whiskey, the music of Sarah Sample is a delicate dessert that packs a pleasant punch. Her voice will stop you in your tracks and her megawatt grin will light up a smile across your own face. Radiating grace, yet brave enough to share raw honesty, her easy and genuine connection with audiences appears effortless. Combine that with her polished collection of song gems and it's easy to see why Sarah is a fast favorite wherever she goes. She will be returning to perform at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday, March 26th.

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Jana PochopRapid City back to Austin in a dash
Take the red high with you in a cup
so you don't crash

~ Resurrection Buzz, Jana Pochop

Two years ago, round about this time, we got to hear Jana Pochop's The Early Year EP, and it was mentioned that it was to be one in a series of three. Resurrection Buzz is EP number two.  Picking up where The Early Year left off, Resurrection Buzz features the same talents in instrumentation and production, and weaves a modern Americana style tale of life on the road by someone who has truly experienced it.

Join me Tuesday, November 2nd from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters and to catch up with Jana.  She will be calling in at 9:30.

The Sweater SetI don't know what I want from you
I pretend that I do
I'm sure you see it in my eyes
I'm sure you feel it in my grip
I'm sure you hear it my voice
I'm sure you're hip
~ I'm Sure You're Hip, The Sweater Set

Friends as teens in a DC church choir, Maureen Andary and Sara Curtin reunited in 2008 when Maureen was selected as a finalist in the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest.  Maureen knew Sara was pretty much the only person she could think of who would be able to do the high harmonies in her songs.

In their short time as a band, the women have been wowing audiences with quirky-smart, self-aware songs, beautifully intertwined soprano voices, and a plethora of musical instruments including guitar, ukulele, flute, glockenspiel and kazoo, to name a few!

Join me Tuesday, April 20th at 9am Central for an interview with Maureen and Sara!  We'll finish off the second half of the hour with your weekly dose of more songs by female singer-songwriters.

Emily DunbarShe traded away
Fields of corn & hay
For gold lamé
~ Gold Lamé, Emily Dunbar

When I first met Emily Dunbar two years ago at Rocky Mountain Song School, I was immediately impressed with her insightful and quirky lyrics, her optimistic attitude and her generous heart. So I was overjoyed to find out a few months ago that she had finally made an album including those songs I first heard around the campfire and wanted to hear again! As it says in the album description, Catch It When You Can "... is slick enough for the big time, but homespun enough to imagine Dunbar strumming just for you from across the room."

Join me Tues Dec 1st for an interview with Emily about her debut album! Lyrical Venus is every Tuesday from 9-10 am.

Moira Smiley and VOCOWhen we are born under the sky
We wonder what makes it oh so blue
Every day I blink with wonder
That's why the stars are blinking too
~Deep Blue, Moira Smiley & VOCO

You might not notice them a first glance, but check out the boots on the ladies of VOCO.  More than just a fashion statement, the boots are actually an important part of their act!  The wide variety of music they perform, from original folk to traditional ballads, make VOCO a little hard to categorize. One thing that makes them stand out above and beyond their gorgeous harmonies is their body percussion sets.  And that's where the boots come in - slapping their ankles is a lot louder (and probably less painful) with boots!

Join me Tuesday from 9-10 am for lots of lovely music of the Lyrical Venus type, and for an interview with VOCO's arranger/composer Moira Smiley!

Driftwood FireHold me close while sun drips like sap through our veins

Slowly coursing despite the pressure of planetary strains

The earth spins the clocks tick the ceiling fan ignores

~Blown Asunder, Driftwood Fire

Mixing singer-songwriter, jazz and Appalachian flavors into their sound, Driftwood Fire (Lynn Scharf, Charlotte Formichella and Jennifer "JJ" Jones) has been compared to artists like Vienna Teng,
Cowboy Junkies, The Ditty Bops and Gillian Welch. But their name alone evokes the feeling of their music - a late and quiet night on the beach with friends, a slight chill on your back off the waves, and barefoot toes toasty in the sand around a fire where everyone takes turns passing a guitar and sharing their stories. They'll be in Des Moines Oct 3.

Tune in Tuesday at 9am to hear from the band!

Carrie RowanShe's getting there
Past the point of just surviving
She's getting there
Beginning to feel alive again
She's getting there

- Carrie Rowan, She's Getting There

Singer-songwriter Carrie Rowan spent a good ten years climbing the corporate ladder before she decided to leap off. Lucky for her, (and for us!) she landed on her piano bench, and soon picked up the guitar as well. Carrie's debut album, Almost Home is set to release June 28th and we were fortunate to get an advance copy AND an interview for this Tuesday at 9:15!


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Ellis"How would it be if you really created your life?
Stories you told, the good and bad, that they come alive?"
Ellis, How Would It Be

Minnesota based singer-songwriter Ellis is coming to Cafe Paradiso Saturday, February 9th as part of her CD release tour for her 6th album - Break the Spell.

Join us on the Lyrical Venus Radio hour for an interview with this inspiring and engaging artist and to hear tracks from the new CD!

“With a voice as strong as thunder and a message as powerful as a surge of lightning, Ellis pours out her heart and soul into every single word.” — Independent Songwriter Magazine- National