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Bess RogersMaybe now
you'll stop pushing me
pushing me around
Maybe now
you'll stop holding me
holding me down
~ Bulldozer, Bess Rogers

You'll find New York singer-songwriter and multi-intrumentalist Bess Rogers' name on a lot of projects these days.  Whether it's for touring, backup, podcasting, YouTube shorts or television performances, her talents are in high demand!  Bess' Travel Back EP takes the listener on a trip through a rich, varied aural landscape. In less than 20 minutes you can go from rip-roarin', foot-stompin', hand-clappin' rockers to stripped down, bittersweet, vocal showcasers and back again.  I have a feeling Bess' name is going to keep popping up a lot more for years to come, I don't see how anything could hold her down!

Tune in to Lyrical Venus Tuesday morning from 9-10am Central for great music by female singer-songwriters!  Interview with Bess starts at 9:30.

Marykate O'NeilNow you live in New Jersey
You have 3 kids and you're busy
fighting the gridlock off of 95
and I live back in the Village
where there's no more any signs of Dylan
I burn a candle by wearing stripes all the time
~ Green Street, Marykate O'Neil

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Marykate O'Neil just released her third solo project, mkULTRA, at the end of October. Marykate's brand of city-smart retro-pop will land in your ears like a square of dark chocolate melts on your tongue - with just the right balance of bitter and sweet. Yum.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am for a live interview with Marykate and to hear tracks from her new EP mkULTRA, plus other Lyrical Venus-y goodness.