Metal Health on saturday mornings

Black Sabbath

Alice Cooper

Well maybe not as you would expect.

But last week I did songs with "hell" in the title, so I figured it was only fair to play the other side of the fence this weekend.

We're not going to be playing Stryper this weekend, so calm down. What we're doing is playing anything with a Christian like word in the title. For example, you'll be hearing things like Type O Negative's "Christian Woman", Guns-N-Roses's "Oh My God", Stone Sour's "Your God", Alice Cooper's "Second Coming", Ozzy's "Miracle Man", and of course what would a theme like his be without a sabbath... Black Sabbath, that is.

So Saturday morning get out of bed a little early and join the
Metal Health Congregation from 7am to 9am on KRUU

First off I don't want to push my views on politics or the war in the middle east off on anybody.Everybody is going to have a different view on these topics and it will only lead to heated discussion and then physical aggression which I won't have a problem with because I'm bigger than you but some of you might so for the sake of avoiding an argument let's stay neutral on this subject and rejoice the fact that we can play whatever we want in the land of the free.

In observation of the execution of Saddam Hussein we at Metal Health have been playing songs about war and politics.We started this last week but since we only have a two hour timeslot on Saturdays we ran out of time and din't play all of the songs we had scheduled.For more info on this check out our playlist from 1-10-07.We did have a huge selection with songs from Lamb Of God, Slayer, Megadeth, Ministry, Rammstein, Exodus, Motorhead, Trivium and many others but unfortunately we got overzealous and ran out of time.We went back to the drawing board and kept the tracks we missed out on as well as added a few more. So check out our show on Saturday the 13th from 7am to 9 am for a great show featuring numerous track from System Of A Down, Slayer,Lamb Of God,Guns-N-Roses,Norther, Megadeth and many others.