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A Prosecco Discussion with Alan Tardi

Cover-Soul Food Love



It was my good fortune to speak recently with Caroline Randall Williams and her mother, Alice Randall. They are the co-authors of Soul Food Love-Healthy Recipes Inspired by One Hundred Years of Cooking in a Black Family. I hope you will make the time to listen, buy the book, read their amazing story, and use the many creative recipes while creating your own kitchen legacy.  

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Love and Other DelusionsIt's Valentine's Day 2014 - and due to a snowstorm we are postponing the live interview scheduled for today (John Geiger with "The Angel Effect." ) I was looking for a past show that would fit with the theme of the day - LOVE in all it's myriad forms - and I believe it is fair to say that is Larry Baker's prevailing theme.  I hope you enjoy this rebroadcast.

Iowa City author, Larry Baker, has written five novels, including "Athens, America" and "The Flamingo Rising". His most recent book, "Love & Other Delusions", presents a fresh take on the story of a married woman having an affair with a younger man.Larry Baker

Larry Baker is currently an adjunct Assistant Professor for the University of Iowa, as well as an adjunct instructor at Kirkwood Community College. Baker is also working on a documentary about the creative process, focusing on the writing of "A Good Man," in which Baker drew on, or "stole" as he would say, from a variety of predecessors.  Check out Monica's review of "A Good Man" at <--break->

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All You Need Is Love

The Beatles


The Beatles Love, that is.  If you haven't heard this wild, wonderful album full of sonic artistry, unique instrumentation and, oh, a few Beatles songs, all painstakingly mixed and remixed by the fifth Beatle, George're in for a treat. Who says you have to wait until Valentine's Day to have a whole show about love?  This is studio innovation at its best. 

Only at the Wildflowers Cafe.  Only on KRUU-FM.

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Let Paul Stokstad Warm Your Heart

Butterfly TattooIt's cold and snowy outside, so cuddle up by the firPaul Stokstadeplace and let a little Love warm your heart this post-Valentine's season.  Paul Stokstad, writer, tennis pro, webmaster, marketing director and poet is here to talk love and tattoos with Writers' Voices host Monica Hadley (Caroline will be staying indoors herself this week due to the snowstorm).  Butterfuly Tattoo is Paul's third published book, and somewhat of a deprature from "How To Be Your Own Best Tennis Pro" and "How to Start Your Own Improv Comedy Group."  

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Robert & Connie Boyer discuss uniting Heart & Mind

Robert & Connie BoyerImproving relationships and expanding love is at the heart of this week's Writers' Voices.

Cheryl Fusco Johnson talks with husband and wife writing team, Robert and Connie Boyer, about their new book, "Heart & Mind: A Perfect Union." Their book focuses on the uniting of the heart's pull of love and the mind's push of duty. According to the Boyers, this uniting is the only way to fully experience life's perfect love and bliss. Using classic movies, from Casablanca to It's A Wonderful Life to Groundhog Day, for examples, they explore ways people can untangle conflicts and enjoy the perfect union of heart and mind.

Robert Boyer is a retired clinical psychologist, teacher, and has written three previous books. Connie is a banker, former city councilwoman, mother, and grandmother. They own and operate a Fairfield bed and breakfast, Seven Roses Inn.

How much do we love EW&F? 

Take a look.

Yeah quite as such.3

Kina Grannis
The Subject Tonight
(ahem, Tuesday morning) is Love

The subject tonight is Love
And for tomorrow night as well,
As a matter of fact
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all
~ Hafiz

Boy, choosing the songs for the Valentine show was HARD, because there are sooo many good love songs! This week on the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour you'll find a range of happy love songs, sad ones, songs about longing for love, love stories, and even a couple about how hard it can be to write a love song. I'll also take a quick break mid-way to read a few short love poems by Hafiz. Whatever your status is, you can have 14 lovely ladies sing to you for an hour if you tune in on Tuesday at 9am! Happy Valentine's! See the complete playlist.



Tonight P5K invites you to get closer.

Get on that track. Ride to the end of the line. Don't get sidetracked your influences.

A special notes about the mustache:

Only in town until sunday!

Attracts women instantly!

Lays waste unto its enemies!

Weeps for fallen compadres : (

Surely stay on its good side. Which is every side.

As always: LISTEN STRONGLY and give your son a black wallet for his birthday.

If you don't.... He isn't a man.