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road trip!

road trip!

umphrey's mcgeetime to get in the car and drive to des moines to see the musicians' musicians, umphrey's mcgee. well, that's what i'll be doing. and i'm bringing you with me.

i'll start the show on the road, and on the way i'll play some new tunes by elbow, and finally, i'll bring the microphone right onto the stage where you can hear their final set live. ;)

WE: Emily and Michael
Heather MillerEmily Poole and Michael Cantafio are WE, and they are playing two shows at Cafe Paradiso in Fairfield this week (Dec 29th & 30th).  And well, I am Me, and I'm playing a show at Cafe Paradiso (tonight, Tues, Dec 27th) too! So this week I'll play a couple by WE, a couple by me, talk about what I've been doing in Austin, and of course I'll play a bunch of great music by women singer-songwriters.  Tune in for the live show, anything could happen!

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Taylor Ross Live Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 12/20

Taylor RossFollowed the rain
All the way down 
to the hayed hill
~ Cedar, Taylor Lesley Margaret Ross

Fairfield musician and creative spark Taylor Ross can be found in several local bands and creative projects in some capacity or another.  Among the many hand-knitted hats she wears as a musician is the one of her lovely low-fi music that brings to mind fieldmice and farmlands, bramble bushes, oak trees and fresh baked bread.

Taylor will be coming to the KRUU studios to play us some tunes and tell us the latest happenings at the Beauty Shop, including her show there on Thursday! Tune in from 9-10am to hear from Taylor plus more great music by female singer-songwriters.

Amy ZamarripaViolet dreams racing through my mind
Kaleidoscope of wishes lighting up the night
Bright, bright, bright

~ Violet Dreams, Amy Zamarripa

Generous, hard-working and talented to boot, Amy Zamarripa is a major player in the Austin Open Mic scene, hosting her own on Fridays at Fair Bean Coffee and you can find her playing out at others around town almost any other night of the week!  

With a rich, bluesy voice and lush, poetic lyrics, Amy's music mixes the soulfulness of Janis Joplin, the spark of Bonnie Raitt and the mystery of Tori Amos. With one album under her belt and another one in the works, she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central to get to know Amy, hear a few songs celebrating the 4th and more!  Amy will be on the air at 9am.

Caleb Hawley in the studio tonight live at 8pm.

He plays live at Cafe Paradiso February 2nd at 8pm.

He rocks. You should listen.



tonight on the

life and times of jefron, child prodigy.


jesus and mary chain.

the liars.

brian jonestown massacre.

a place to bury strangers.

noise and shoegaze.


at 11pm Muffin Top:

Live in the Studio


Polka Dot Dot Dot by Erin SkipperPolka Dot Dot Dot's Colleen and Onyx super charged their musical instruments before their in studio performance on Eden's Hour so you're in for an enchanted passionflower-infused evening.

This Bicycle Records trio draws on a range of inspirations from ancient midieval harmonies to modern day barbershop quartets, Olympia based Polka Dot Dot Dot have been brewing a batch of folk music that is whimsical and beautiful, sometimes hauntingly so. They describe their sound as"tectonic plates swaying their hips (and clapping their hands)"... and you will most likely find yourself doing both when you listen to them.

Live RIGHT NOW! DJ Rin, DJ Tatiana & Olly Sneks

Nearing the finish of a looong FF weekend, Rin and co decided to stop by the studio and mix a live set for KRUU listeners worldwide. Based in LA, this crew is on the up, playing major venues worldwide (we're not talking about no chicken-coop, but Rin doesn't forget where he came from...FF!)

More info can be found here:

Dennis Driscoll by Erin Skipper

Tune in Saturday evening for an in-Studio performance and interview with singer-songwriter Dennis Driscoll, K Records alumni and founder of Egg Recordings. Dennis is a quirky and lovable storyteller and artist and will share some poems and a few spanking new songs.

David Seagull in the studio live, and a bunch of songs from CD's I have purchased since 1/1/07. Actually I have too many to play one song from them all, so I will SELECT tracks that you MUST hear since you are DISCERNING listeners. That drum beat you hear in the background is the sound of your own heart beating to the rhythm of the G Man...;)