This week's show, broadcast Tuesday March 13 from 1-2pm Central Standard Time and rebroadcast Thursday March 15 from 8-9am Central Standard Time, will feature:

1:OO – 1:30pm – Ellen Chenoweth.

Ms. Chenoweth is one of Hollywood’s top casting directors. Ellen was raised in the Midwest & South, attended college in Virginia. She moved to NYC where she started working in theatre. After a short period of time, Ellen landed a job at the Actors Studio where Lee Strasberg was the artistic director. Under the tutelage of  Mr. Strasberg, Ellen became skilled as a casting director and started spending time in Los Angeles.


On February 28th, KRUU received a visit from the red-coated Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors. The morning meet-and-greet was a chance for 10 key Fairfield area businessmen and -women to see their local grassroots community radio station in action and exchange greetings with founding members Roland Wells, James Moore and Steve Cooperman. 

KRUU w/ Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors
Dave Neff presents Roland Wells and james Moore with an
official welcome plaque on behalf of the ambassadors.


The following night, March 1st, KRUU was presented with a Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce 'Community Improvement Award' for 2006 at the Chamber's anual awards' banquet held at the Best Western.

This week's theme will be The End of America's Reign as Sole Superpower: How the Bush administration bet the house on military conquest in the Middle East and suddenly finds the rest of the world calling its bluff, led by China, Russia, Venezuela and others.

Iran and Syria are at the bargaining table with the US's hand greatly reduced by the quagmire in Iraq.

Is America capable of adjusting to the changing realities? 


There will also be Planet Erstwild's usual tromp through musical vistas oblique and rhapsodic.

On Thursday March 1st, KRUU will be presented with a community improvement award from the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce at their annual awards banquet to be held at the Best Western.

On Wednesday February 28th, the Chamber ambassadors will make a brief visit to the station, welcoming KRUU to the Fairfield business community.

On Wednesday February 28th at 5pm, the KRUU News collective will have another organizational meeting. Things are coming together fast for the new news team. If you'd like to be involved with local, regional, national or international news, please come to the meeting, or contact the radio station at 641 209-1083.


This Friday, February 9th at 2pm, Planet Erstwild will feature some new music from Athens, Georgia-based four-piece rock'n'roll band Southern Bitch off their "Snake in the Grass" CD.

If you like a blend of Stones, kickbutt rock and Southern Comfort, these "guys" will knock your everlovin' socks off. 

Hopefully, we can convince SB to play Fairfield someday as their manager spends time here.

At 2:30pm BBC filmmaker Stuart Tanner will join Jimmy to discuss current events. Always inciteful, Tanner will share his experiences and opinions on a variety of subjects.

Published 01/20/2007
Updated 03/21/2007

Please find below a copy of our ongoing budget for 2007. This includes a the minumum items that we need to fund to keep the station operational. Needed capital items have not been included! Please stay tuned...

Dude is easily worth his weight in gold.

Have to give a shout out to one of the true blue KRUU superheroes--Devin Wadsworth!

Nice, committed, consistent, bright, willing, able, a tremendous asset to the station, and good posture to boot. He puts the "I" in IT.

All I can say is thank the powers that be for delivering us such an effortlessly multi-tasking whizkid big bang no nonsense no problem master archivist plus.

KRUU Beg-a-thon

Join the KRUU crew for a day of fun, food and kick-ass radio. Meet the DJ's who make this station what worth listening to. And there's an extra-special treat: T-Shirts. Yes, t-shirts!!! What you've all been asking for.

If you like listening to KRUU, find someone who doesn't and bring them to our first Open House fundraising event. We'll feed them, entertain them, and make them understand why you can't stop listening to us!

(Unfortunately Dick DeAngelis, host of Sleepytime with Grandpa D had a family emergency, and had to bow out).

If any of you have been wondering whatever happened to all those great posts that Roland used to keep putting up back when the station was still getting set up, way back in the olden days, well, they're back up now. We found the gnomes that hide things like blog posts, and left them in the back room with Clayton for an hour. Everyone came out happy, including the gnomes, which kinda worried us.
Look at the old posts now and you'll see where we were just 3.5 months back. Let this picture of mission control jog your memory:

And that was the week before we went live! Go see the pics of the tower getting put up and more of the days before we went live
Pretty freaking cool, eh? :-)

Richard PoynderIn December I interviewed Richard Poynder, blogger and freelance journalist with contributions to the Financial Times and Information Today, amongst others. I spoke to him because he had compiled an amazing collection of interviews with open source luminaries, and had spent the time to research their backgrounds, and motivations. Richard calls the series the Basement Interviews.

A few days back I received an email from Richard to inform me that he had decided to blog about the station, on his Open and Shut blog. I thought it would be great for someone to write about us with an outside perspective, thinking it would be a nice short piece related to some of the stuff we talked about during our interview. Last night I received an email from Richard with a link to his published blog post about us, titled Open Radio.

Richard has gleaned our deeper intention with the station, and put into words what I have been unable to.

So I'm recommending that anyone with any care about the station read what Richard has to say about it. It blew my mind!