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Joerg Huettner founded "Saros" back in 1998 together with DJ Jan Osh as a Goa/Ambient project.

After 8 months of work they already had their first live gig in front of an enthusiastic crowd in December of the same year.

In 1999 first CD compilation releases followed on the German based label "Zoomia".

After Joerg relocated in 1999 he went on solo with "Saros", focusing more and more on ambient and downbeat tracks.

During this time the first album "reaching out to the other world" was released solely on MP3 websites --including and garnering many of rave reviews.

In 2001 and 2002 further CD compilation releases followed on "Waldorf Records", the label of the world famous Germany synth company Waldorf, as well as on Ceiba Records, USA, in 2003.

Call your Congressperson today to ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 2060 -The Internet Radio Equality Act. The bill reverses a recent decision of the federal Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) to nearly triple the amount of royalties Internet radio broadcasters pay to copyright holders for playing a song.

To find the phone number for your Congressional representative, visit and enter your zip code.

If you're in Iowa, our representatives, and their DC Phone numbers:


Support the station that supports the community

Enjoy the Happy Hour gang beneath the gazebo for the May ArtWalk this Friday, May 4th from 5-8pm. Kevin Riley, Tim Carey and friends (Steve McLain is away this weekend), will bring their speciFirst Fridays ArtWalkal brand of music and happy hour patter to the good denizens of Fairfield. They play a great blend of rock/blues/reggae/rock/novelty and mo re, and will wend their program through the live performances scheduled for the square.

At 8pm, Matt Mulleneaux and Michael Halley take the broadcast reigns for their show Reasonable Alternative, followed at 9pm by Alternative Dance Mix with Stevie Mix. Join the KRUU at the ArtWalk. Say hi to a few of the 100 show hosts and deejays who are producing some 75 shows a week for your listening pleasure.

It's KRUU-LP 100.1 FM The Voice of Fairfield!!!

Rumor has it there may even be some new KRUU T-shirts available!! 

MidnighMaria Muldaurt at the Oasis songstress Maria Muldaur is interviewed by Doug Daller on thiNaught, Bawdy and Blues special installment of In Depth. Her new release "Naughty, Bawdy and Blue" is due out May 15th. We'll be previewing songs from this release and talking to Maria about her last record that went to the top of the Billboard blues charts and remained there for 7-8 weeks.

She will be performing with the Syncopated Papas right here in Fairfield at the Morning Star Tuesday night, May 1st.

Maria says don't forget to bring your dancing shoes.

Naughty, bawdy and blue indeed. Click for interview.



Join Bill Teeple and the ICON Art Radio program for an

interview with two of Fairfield's most beloved artists Michael and Charlotte Cain.

Michael Cain

Hear about their travels in India and latest artisitc endeavors right here on your grassroots community radio station KRUU-FM. 

altErpEacE 3
Click here to stream or download this program


He came from the hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
and made a name for himself nationally as a salesman
and sales consultant. Traveling to 46 of our 50
states, he preached common sense values and time tested
work ethics to all who wanted to take their business
to the next level.

Warren Wechsler
Host Ken Malloy interviews Warren Wechsler: father, husband, salesman, business owner,
radio show host, horseman, community volunteer, mover and shaker. 
Mr. Wechsler has owned many entreprenurial businesses and is a best-selling author.
This show is jam-packed with interesting stories for everyone.
Thursday April 26th, 2007 @ 1:00-2:00pm CST.


Scott Puffer

Dain Daller

 Money in the Banco

 Music in the Coffer

Cul de sac

Stretch the bound




Congressman Ron Paul

This interview is now available for download or stream at our Audio link (on the left menu). 

On Friday April 13th, an interview with Congressman Ron Paul of Texas (R) will be aired on Planet Erstwild at 4pm. Paul, who is running for president, will be interviewed by guest host Clyde Cleveland, who himself ran for governor of Iowa as the Libertarian Party candidate in 2002. Reason Magazine interviewed Paul about his presidential bid earlier this year. Asked what issues he would emphasize, Paul responded:

"Everything I’ve talked about for twenty years! I think the biggest thing for Republican primary voters is that most Republicans are turned off right now. They’ve had a beating and are reassessing their values. They have to decide what they believe in. The Republican Party has become about big government conservatism, and Republicans need to hear the message they used to hear: that conservatives are supposed to be for small government."

 Tonight it's a rockin' twofer!! Two live shows for the price of none! Step right up, ladies and gentlepeeps!  

Les ClaypoolLes Claypool

First, step into the wayback machine circa 1978 Tokyo and enjoy AT BUDOKAN  by Rockford, Illinois band Cheap Trick.

Then join Colonel Les Claypool's Flyin' Frog Brigade for a Live set of vintage Claypoolian madness, mischief and mayhem. If you're a bass person, you're in for more than a tricker treat. It's the slap-happy wack-meister in full regalia sailing the mighty seas
of cheese.

Happy Hour in the Futon Shop

Stop by the Central Park Store on the west side of the square Friday from 5pm to 10pm. KRUU deejays will be doing their shows live from the display window. 
Come say hi. Talk to Fairfield.

Catch HAPPY HOUR with Steve McLain, Kevin Riley and Tim Carey 5pm to 8pm.

8pm is REASONABLE ALTERNATIVE with Matt Mulleneaux and Michael Halley.

Steve Shier's ALTERNATIVE DANCE mix starts at 9pm.