Ah, the Morning Star Studio--that beautiful preserved slice of 1940's ballroom goodness. What a place for a party. And what a party it was.

Nancy Gibson wanted all her friends and family to celebrate her fiftieth birthday with her. She also suggested that in lieu of gifts to her, her guests consider contributing to KRUU. Very cool of you Nancy, Thanks.

As the outreach guy, it was my pleasure to be there managing the KRUU table under the KRUU Banner. It was also a pleasure to find out that I was going to be fed. Two buffet tables were groaning under the weight of goodies from rice stuffed cherry tomatoes to birthday cake. Yum.

Just want to say hello to all the listeners, friends of KRUU and readers of the blogs on our website.

lbj meeting with early vista

My name is Tom Knight and I am the new Outreach Guy for KRUU and a VISTA Volunteer. What's a VISTA? Well, It's kind of like the Peace Corps, but operating within the U.S. If you would like to find out in detail, you could click Here .

You will see me at events around town, and I would love to hear from you about upcoming events where we might set up a table or booth and our KRUU banner. Just send me an e-mail---tom.knight at kruufm dot com

Hog Stalls


Today, a special encore rebroadcast on a controversial community issue.

[For the record, Cargill's national media director declined an invitation to be interviewed.]

In February, Erika Richards invited three guests to discuss the issue of CAFOs, or contained animal feeding operations, and their impact on both the environment and economy locally and statewide.

Guests included:

- Ron Sieren, a local small hog farmer and outside salesman for Reiff Grain and Feed;

- Jim Flinspach, a grain farmer and president of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau; and

- Jim Rubis, President of Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors, an organization founded to run interference on the proliferation of large corporate hog operations in the county and state.


Today KRUU radio presents the debut show of POLITICKIN with ARI BERMAN.Politickin' w/ Ari Berman

This half-hour program will focus on political events and news out of the nations's capitol and will be broadcast Mondays at 1pm.

Ari Berman, based in Washington, DC, is a contributing writer for The Nation, a contributor to The Notion and a Puffin Foundation writing fellow at The Nation Institute.

Today's topics will include Congressional votes on Iraq, immigration compromise, and the significance of the leaked memo advising Hillary Clinton to skip campaigning rigorously in Iowa.

Speaking Freely's Dennis Raimondi and Planet Erstwild's James Moore will also participate in the weekly discussions.

Berman's latest piece for The Nation is entitled Hillary Inc in the June 4th issue. 

The program will be rebroadcast on Wednesday at 7am.

Jerry Redington KRUUsin'THIS JUST IN FROM Jerry Redington, local KRUU hero extraordinaire

"Some of these attached pictures are a simulation of the thrilling ride I had coming down to Keosauqua on Sunday...

Just wanted to pass along an idea of how great that experience was
........AND .... how much YOU all have to look forward to in terms of directly experiencing this same "Crus'in --- top down " 
kind of jive feel'in...

Rock'in Right on
Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer

And finally, what can I say? Sometimes you just need a bigger hammer to do the job..."





Ron Hunerdosse

THIS WEEK ON GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR you get a full dose of the the man known as "Dosse".

Meet Fairfield's own Ron Hunerdosse, native of Fairfield, Iowa for over 50 years and passionate Track and Field and Cross Country coach for Fairfield High School. Mr. Hunerdosse has been involved with track & field for 33 years and talks about his experiences. He is very humble and thankful for his past associations with coaches and students.

Ron is beloved by many people who have gotten to know him as coach. Listen this week and hear more about the man they call "Dosse", so dubbed because a 3rd grade gym teacher couldn't pronounce his name.

Hosted by Ken Malloy on the show Lee Gobble helped name--Get to Know Your Neighbor

Every Thursday at 1pm.

Rebroadcast Tuesday mornings at 8am.

James Moore will interview Stephanie for his Planet Erstwild show which airs every Friday 2pm-5pm CST. Nationally syndicated progressive talk show host Stephanie Miller is a rising superstar in talk radio. Stephanie Miller

Ranked 36th in the nation this year by Talkers Magazine, the Los Angeles-based  Miller recently did a three-day stint at MSNBC in the wake of Don Imus' unsightly demise. She is a part of the Jones Media Network, the nation's largest independent radio network. Her average weekly listenership is over 1.25 million.

Steve Young calls the Stephanie Miller Show "the most entertaining political show in morning radio." 

Miller's father was a Republican congressman who unsuccessfully ran for vice president on Barry Goldwater's ticket. She has gone toe to toe with the likes of G. Gordon Liddy and others on the far right .

Raised Catholic and blessed with great comedic timing, keen politcal insight, sassy wit and a tight support team, Miller is a boat-rocker show-stopper with a heart of gold whose secret is she does great radio. She lives with two Great Pyrenees, Puff and Max.

Special thanks to Brandon Nelson for putting this particular ball in motion.

The interview will rebroadcast will be Monday morning May 21st at 7am.


Dain Daller's No-Fi Field Guide 

Enjoy the organic found-sounds


from the golden earballs of an original's original.  

Saturday May 19 at 10am CST 

Coal Valley, Illinois - Dain mails in his first cassette from the road featuring the sound of a bike tire rubbing on the fender, dutch street organ, 'me & a chiken', andrew playing guitar with goats, ol' thunder & rain by the mighty mississippi, easy biscuits practicing his banjo, and 'me -while camping under a bridge near coppock, ia'

At the 5th Annual Women (& Men) for Women Gala Benefit fundraising Event for the Crisis Center & Women's ShelterRoland Wells flanked by accompllces sponsored by SEVA, held at the Morning Star Studio Saturday night, May 12th, KRUU founder Roland Wells was presented with a People to People Humanitarian Award. The People to People Award was created to acknowledge and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to promote well-being within our community.

Accepting the award, Roland thanked the Crisis Center and SEVA for the work they do and encouraged everyone to become directly involved volunteering time for non-profits. 

Also, receiving awards were Stacey Hurlin, founder of the ArtLife Society and First Fridays ArtWalk and Michael McBurnie, who has been on the forefront of the legslative battleground to confine Confined Animal Feeding Operations.

This morning on Local Yokels we highlight the talents of the Roches, who have just released their first record in 10 The Roches MOONSWEPTyears called Moonswept.


The Roches are a female vocal group of three songwriting sisters from New Jersey (Maggie, Terre and Suzzy Roche), known for their unusual and rich harmonies, quirky lyrics and casually comedic stage performances.


They will be performing in Fairfield at Cafe Paradiso on June 2nd.