Jeff Cox

Jeff Cox's "The Organic Cook's Bible"

If you missed Great Taste on Wednesday night here's some tasty morsels from the show:

Jeff Cox, author of The Organic Cook's Bible, clued us in on his favorite California olive oil-Lunigiana Estate ( Today he tasted Apollo Sierra Blend ( ) and declared it the best oil he has ever tasted. Check out all the important info on California extra virgin olive oils at Also, Jeff gave us an important cooking tip-never heat olive oil to the smoking point because that destroys all its good properties and actually it mutates into a trans fatty acid substance-not a good thing to ingest. 

Our second Kitchen Cupboard contest was announced-make us salivate in 25 words or less by describing how you use extra virgin olive oil on a dish created in your home. Send your entry to The winner will be announced on the February 28 show and enjoy a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil from the just completed California harvest.