Italy for the Gourmet Traveler, Flavors of the Riviera, Opera 101 and numerous other books have been written by New Yorker Fred Plotkin. Fred describes himself as a "pleasure activist," and we're thrilled to have him on GREAT TASTE this Wednesday from 7-8 PM.

Don't miss this show for tips on Italian travel, Italian food, and some great insights into the world of opera.

Also, Lenora Boyle gives us a preview of the upcoming "All Things Italian" June Art Walk.

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Italian Cooking Class with fresh and local ingredients and a game with our "live" audience so don't miss the next GREAT TASTE on Wednesday from 7-8 PM!!!!

Kathy and Steve were "At Home" doing a full evening of cooking Italian-antipasti, primi, secondo, contorno, insalata, and dessert (dolce). Join the fun and if you miss us the rebro is from 7-8 AM on Friday. The pics-up top is amazing produce (already!) from a local greenhouse and underneath is Spinach Trieste style. Follow Great Taste on Facebook and become a fan-


Join in the deliciousness when special studio guest Gisella Isidori brings a touch of her home to the heartland. Gisella was born in the Italian
Alps and has brought the joy of the Italian table to thousands of people
in the US through her work as a culinary educator, food consultant to
cookbook authors, and gastronomic tour guide.

Tune in and get the real skinny on authentic Italian food as Gisella cooks for the KRUU.

LIVE FROM 7-8 PM Wednesday

Tonight from 7-8 PM
Special Guests: Steve and Meret Giacomini
Steve and Meret recently returned from six weeks in Italy so get ready to vicariously experience the Great Tastes they enjoyed during their travels in several regions including Liguria, the Veneto, Toscana, and Lazio.
We advise eating before the show, otherwise it may be too painful to listen!