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Joyce Goldstein on Great Taste WED 7pm FRI 7am CT

The New Mediterranean TableFew restaurants have had as lasting an impact on the San Francisco (and beyond) food scene as Square One.  Opened in 1984 by Joyce Goldstein, who served as the iconic spot’s chef/owner over the next 12 years, Square One showcased Joyce’s passion for not only the Mediterranean food of her beloved Italy, but also encompassed dishes from Spain, France, Turkey, Greece, and Morocco.  The menu changed daily, and the focus on the plate was whatever was fresh and seasonal. 

Joyce GoldsteinThroughout the years Joyce has continued to teach and inspire as a consultant to the restaurant and food industries, and as the author of numerous books and magazine articles.  Her latest book, The New Mediterranean Jewish Table:  Old World Recipes for the Modern Home, is an extensive collection of 420 recipes designed to expand the understanding of Jewish food beyond its generally narrow confines of matzoh ball soup and brisket.

Each easy-to-follow recipe is presented in its context as part of the Jewish culinary spirit that thrived in the Mediterranean, the Sephardic, Maghreb, or the Mizrahi cultures, as opposed to the familiar, but limited dishes of the Ashkenazi or Eastern European Jews.

Joyce continues to be one of my culinary heroes.  I look forward to Passover, and the difference some of the recipes in this book will make to our table and understanding of the journey to freedom.

Gisella Isidori with Indian Hills studentsThe amazing Gisella Isidori is our special guest on a bonus GREAT TASTE show live from Hy-Vee on Thursday evening.  Fresh from surviving Hurricane Sandy, Gisella blew into Fairfield last weekend and proceeded to capture the hearts of local food lovers and Italophiles.  On Sunday, she taught a hands-on class at the At Home Store with 20 people.  In a little over two hours they made 12 different dishes including polenta, sauces, and dessert.  On Monday, a group of middle school students at MSAE learned how to make pasta and two sauces with her.  Tuesday at Indian Hills she interacted with 30 culinary students, and they turned out an array of 12 plates featuring classic Italian dishes such as risotto Milanese.

(Note:  This week's show is a replay from September 29, 2010)


Burrata with cherry tomatoesThe salad on the left was an integral part of three dinners I had last week at Otto in the Venetian (formerly Enoteca San Marco and the same owners, Batali and Bastianich) on the Las Vegas strip. It was part of  my dining strategy to hold on tightly to any traces that still exist of summer foods. 

La Bella Lingua book cover shotpasta with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, rosemary & basilWhat a perfect combination-discussing the Italian language with noted author, Dianne Hales, and preparing Italian food in the studio.  Dianne's book, La Bella Lingua, published in 2009,  is a great read full of history about how the language developed, populated with insights into colorful characters like Petrarch, Julius Caesar, Boccaccio, St. Francis of Assisi, Lorenzo de Medici, and Brunelleschi and, the author's own  journey as she navigated the complexities of the language and culture. 

Since our show is Great Taste, we'll focus on the language as it relates to different styles of cooking, work our way through some typical food terminology found on Italian menus, and share a simple recipe for pasta with marinara sauce as it was made every Sunday by Kathy's Grandma Gulla. 

Pasta with GreensGREAT TASTE presents four courses of Italian delights in a live broadcast from the At Home Store.  The show features one hour of a cooking class sponsored by SOFIA-the Society of Fairfield Italian Americans.

Here's a rundown of the menu:

Antipasto-Herbed fresh cheese balls in a roasted tomato sauce

Primo-Pasta with chard, kale, and beet greens

Insalata-Raw kale and braised beets with toasted pecans and orange segments

Dolce-Parmigiano Reggiano "gelato" with aged balsamic vinegar, apple slices, and toasted nuts

We may add a dish or two as the show goes along.  Catch us on the live stream if you aren't local by clicking in the "Playing On Air Now" box at the top left of the KRUU home page. 


We had some Italian stories (read in Italian and English) and great Italian music finshing with bocelli's"Nessum Dorma". Wow. Don't miss All Things Italian Festival this Friday night, June 1st , on the Fairfield Square.I'll see you there - Grandpa D