Rebroadcast of Interview with Congressman Tom Udall of New Mexico.
Congressman Udall serves on the House Appropriations Committee's Subcommittees on the Interior and Environment; Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education; and, the Legislative Branch. He is also the Co-Vice Chair of the House Native American Caucus and a member of the Bipartisan Rural Caucus, the Democratic Hispanic Working Group, the Education Task Force, and the Congressional Law Enforcement Caucus, among others.

Dr. Stanley Cheren is a medical doctor who is a former faculty member of Boston University Medical School. Dr. Cheren has published numerous articles including a series on violence in sports, which appeared in the New York Times. He recently returned from Guatemala where he has been working with a Maya village to improve the community’s quality of health care. Dr. Cheren is a graduate of Harvard University and Tufts University Medical School.

EllisI'm coming home to you
Like a lighthouse in the dark
I reach for you whenever we're apart
~ Coming Home to You, Ellis

Minnesota-based singer-songwriter Ellis has been busy since her last visit to Fairfield, including working on a new album and showcasing at the Sundance Film Festival!  With her sweet voice, gigantic grin and heart-opening songs, I'm sure she made a whole bunch more new fans. 

New fans and longtime fans in the area can see her live at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday 2/13 at 8pm!

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday morning to catch up with Ellis. The show starts at 9:00 am central, Ellis will call in around 9:30.

MoZoLive in the studio today, Gravel Road Radio is honored to have the Seattle-based duo, MoZo.  Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording Moe Provencher and percussionist (and Iowa native) Aimee Zoe Tubbs make up this Roots-Americana pair that has been performing and busking all over the United States, as well as Europe.  With topics that cross a wide range of subjects and an equally wide ranging performance style, MoZo is truly a duo that is more than the sum of its parts.  We'll talk to them about their travels, song writing, and life as traveling troubadors, as well as what lies ahead for this fabulous pair.  Join me, your host Lauryn Shapter, on Gravel Road Radio, Tuesday from 2-4 p.m.

David Bamlango
Join cohosts Stuart Tanner and James Moore on Tanner & Moore for an indepth discussion on the Congo with David Bamlango. Bamlango, who grew up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is working as a lawyer for an international business firm in Chicago.

Two weeks ago, Tanner & Moore were joined by Congolese native Kabuika Kamunga for a historical discussion and background on the tragic country that has seen so much suffering.

Since 1998, an estimated 6 million Congolese have lost their lives due to war, hunger and illness. 6 million--never mind the brutal legacy of King Leopold's Imperial reign of terror, Belgian colonialization, and the Western-backed rule of Mobutu.

Carter Sampson


Hey y'all.

I've been away these past few weeks and am happily back in the saddle again, welcoming to Crooked Sisters Radio Hour the lovely and talented Carter Sampson out of Oklahoma City. "Good for the Meantime,"

Carter's fourth album, has been getting regular airplay on both Crooked Sisters and Gravel Road Radio and she will be passing through Fairfield, this Friday, August 14 for a show at Cafe Paradiso.

With a powerful voice that is at once passionate and vulnerable, lyrical and edgy -- and song writing to match -- it promises to be one heck of a show.

So tune into Crooked Sisters, this Thursday, August 13 from 10-noon for a conversation with Carter Sampson, and, of course, great roots and Americana music!

Mike and Amy FindersHowdy Folks.  This week on Crooked Sisters Radio Hour I will have the pleasure of speaking to Amy Finders of Finders and Youngberg, as well as The Mike and Amy Finders Band.  Mike and Amy, former Iowa City residents who now make their home in Fort Collins, Colorado, are back on native soil for a few Iowa shows and will be performing at Cafe Paradiso this Friday, May 15.  Amy will be calling into the show this morning from the road, the good lord and reception willing.  We'll hear about how life in the mountains is treating the Finders, what's on their musical plate these days, the new quartet they're in and missing Iowa.  So tune into Crooked Sisters Radio Hour, Thursday from 10 'til noon for a conversation with the ever-charming Amy Finders.


Hey Folks. Sitting in for my husband Dennis James on this week's Gravel Road Radio, I'll have the opportunity to speak with Simon Wallace of Austin's up and coming blues trio, porterdavis.
Listed at #3 in the Austin Chronicle's top 10 Performing Blues Bands for 2008-2009, porterdavis has a unique style that blends many genres and influences. Fairfield audiences will have an opportunity to hear this powerful trio of musicians live when they bring their show to town on Thursday, May 7.

Join me for a little preview of the show ...
on Gravel Road Radio, this Tuesday, from 2 -4 p.m.

Jeni and Billy

Hey y'all. This week on Crooked Sisters Radio Hour I have the privilege of speaking with Jeni Hankins of the duo Jeni and Billy. With a voice that's been compared to Mother Maybelle Carter and Hazel Dickens -- two favorites on Crooked Sisters -- Jeni brings an eye for detail and a storyteller's gift to the songs featured on the duo's most recent release, Jewell Ridge Coal. Jeni has personal connections to many of the stories behind the songs on that album. She'll be talking about those stories and the gift of playing music with her "true love". Join me this Thursday for Crooked Sisters Radio Hour from 10 - noon.

Chris Jordan on Eden's Hour Radio

When internationally acclaimed photographer Chris Jordan appeared as a guest on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert joked that Chris resembled Clark Kent. Indeed Chris Jordan has led an unusual path transforming his career from Lawyer to full-time artist and educator to become somewhat of an environmental hero. His photographic collages (see one example below & visit his website for more!) take sobering statistics of human consumption and presents them in a format that is both aesthetically pleasing and shockingly eye-opening. I had a chance to sit down with Chris last week to discuss his photographic roots and how the message of his work gets integrated into
his own home life and how he feels the weight and irony of the impact that producing his work has on the environment.

Lauren Zettler
Someone wrap themselves around me
Wear my edges down won't you please?

~ Shapes, Lauren Zettler

Lauren Zettler is a savvy DIY type of gal. The bio on her website talks about her journey to musicianhood, from the childhood dream, to the detours due bouts of practicalness, to the lightning-bolt epiphany that the “jealous tears”
at every musical performance she attended were probably not necessary
and that she should follow her heart.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am for music by great female singer-songwriters and for the interview with Lauren, including a preview of some tracks from her soon-to-be-released EP!